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This section will document the main participants of the ICW promotion

I would speculate to say the top seven wrestlers of the ICW promotion at the time of the All Star promotion closing in May of 1980 were of equal talent to any groups of their era . Now of course after that tier of wrestlers , the talent pool kind of thinned out . But the group certainly created quite a wake in the wrestling pool later on in the 80's after the promotion closed .

Randy Macho Man Savage


Ronnie "One Man Gang" Garvin


Rare video

Awesome video of Garvin from Fullers Southeastern wrestling with bouts featuring Andre The Giant , Joe Leduc , Bob Orton Jr and others!!!


Leaping Lanny Poffo

Paul "Golden Boy" Christy

Cowboy Bob Orton Jr

Bob Roop

Bob Roop +Pez Whatley


Hustler Rip Rogers

Video from Portland area 1979

Rip worked for Don Owens in the Pacific northwest in 1979 ; as did Lanny Poffo.

That's a real bear hug!!



Big Boy Williams

Bart Batten

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