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Doug Vines

Izzy Slapowitz


Jeff Sword

Another interesting bout from Southeastern Mulligan Flair promotion 1981 with Devils Duo and Izzy Slapowitz


http://www.freewebs.com/icwpoffouniverse/071880 icw ad martin ky jeff sword write up.jpg

Steve Cooper

It is with regret that I inform the board of the passing of Steve Cooper; a worker associated mostly with the Angelo Poffo owned ICW wrestling promotion out of Kentucky. His best work was as Randy Savages tuxedo wearing semi silent manager during the early years of the group 1980 and 81. Coincidentally he passed away on Randy Poffos birth date November 15 2011. I just was informed of this when I emailed his address checking on him and his wife related the news to me.

He worked various regions in his career: The Sheiks Detroit, Bruisers WWA, and for the Poffos.  He suffered a tough blow in a match in 1983 in Vanceburg KY when his heart was bruised in a bout with Mike Doggendorf. I am not positive on the exact details of the occurrence, but Steve related some of the details of how his heart showed no heartbeat several times for the emergency trip to the hospital that night.

Steve was blessed with a heart transplant in the late 1980’s and well exceeded projections on his lifespan at that point. He was fortunate to receive a very solid heart when a drunk driver killed a jogger on the UK campus at that time.

Steve also related how Angelo Poffo kept him employed after the original heart accident; letting him edit tape and the shows content. He said the promoter could have just as easily let him go and eliminate his payroll; but showed his very human side for the man criticized a lot as the character the Miser. So I just wanted fans to know this tidbit.

Please join with me in wishing Steve the message “rest in peace”.

Tony Falk


John Wilhoit

Wilhoit as Mr Wrestling early 1983




Gary Royal



The Great Tio


Chief Tapu




Ox Baker


The Sheik

Ric McCord

Hoot Gibson

Barry Orton


The Black Avenger




Black Avenger Info from Steve Cooper


The Black Avenger was really part of a three man group managed by Mr. Steve Cooper and consisting of Bob Colter (Black Avenger 1, and later Bo Bo Murdoch) Thomas Adams(Black Avenger 2, and later The Great Abduallah). Black Avenger three shared by two individuals known as Buddy and Mouse. Adams, Buddy, and Mouse were all part of a all African American Motorcycle Club known as the Naptown Riders, and as usually befits the stereotypes, were pretty tough individuals, in and out of the ring. Bob Colter was a Viet Vet, Green Beret, football player at ole Miss, and too, was a "tuff" individual and a stiff worker.......


 Ref Jim Davis worked many ICW house shows and TV tapings ; may also have a brother that refereed also . May have worked as Spiderman under the mask early in promotion in bouts in Illinois


Couch Family info

The Couch Family #1 consisted of Emmitt, Johnny, and Country Girl. Emmett was a referee; Johnny sold pictures and ring set, and Country Girl wrestled. Johnny died in an automobile accident? Country Girl passed away, loosing a fight to cancer? And Emmett is working as an automobile mechanic and owner of his own garage in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  Couch Family #2 promoted Ernie Couch’s Entertainment Center in the thriving metropolis of Manchester, Ky. and booked ICW shows on a weekly basis. He had a couple of daughters that caught more than just the eyes of several wrestlers. Manchester had a history behind its wrestling promotions that is a story onto itself.

Ring girls


Don Pruitt

John Back

Tim Tyler

Edgar Wallace

Sam Meneker

Lanny's wife

Miss Elizabeth


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