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The official website of Buddy Landel

Original Gorgeous George website


This page above was originally Randy's website page. Randy purchased the rights to the name Gorgeous George in the 90's and was going to use it with Lanny as the successor to the legend. Originally it ended up being used for Randy's girlfriend Stephanie Bellars who worked as Randy's valet in WCW for a year or two.

Just recently before his death Randy remade his site to honor and sell merchandise of the Original George.This link will take you to it.

Lanny Poffo's site



 Very well done . Great videos with a current focus.


http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/ Great site ; More info and pictures than you could look at in two lifetimes . Some good ICW material to see also.

Ric McCord's company


Great Randy Savage tribute site



Cool pictures and info about the greatest pro wrestler of all time

Danny Fargo bio page

Unfortunately he passed away early this century.




Nashville Tennesee wrestling history site

We need more informational or promotional based sites like these for fans to enjoy,This is a new one but looks to have a great scope of the areas wrestling background.

Great wrestling historical website

A current and historical look




Memphis Tennessee awesome site

Randy worked here from December 1983 until his stardome exploded in Vince McMahon's WWF in June 1985.

This is a  real comprehensive history with pictures of the Memphis Tennessee professional wrestling phenomenon.

Note: all CWA Jarrett Memphis results until Randy’s departure to WWF courtesy of Mark James and his great Memphis history site at




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