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1950's Angelo a national star

Angelo was a bona fide superstar in the 1950's ; wrestling all the major stars of that time frame.

Here is newpaper account vs Carpentier


1955 working Canada; a loss though


  Lanny and Randy would team in the Mid Atlantic with moderate success.Sometimes it's hard to recognize greatness....

The tag belts were won by Randy and Lanny in the Gulf Coast NWA Territory in 1976. Real heat occurred between rival team the British Bulldigs and the Poffo brothers. A quick exit was demanded by the promoter after the sparks exploded.

Randy always seems to draw attention. Marge Schott would have been a good villian for the former baseball player.


Link to sugar hold explanation from participant

Bob Roop explains his recollections about the Frankfort incident


As a Greaduate in tag team bout

Angelo Poffo 1969






Oh brother..........

In the Amarillo territory run by the Funks Angelo and Lanny were billed as The Poffo Brothers




This is a write up frpm William Harding about his Sugar Hold escape from Bob Roop in Frankfort Kentucky.I had William over to my home in Lexington and it was great to hear the experience description from him personally . Unfortunately no video exists of this confrontation even though the cameras were in Frankfort that night filming. It is a great read and Bill even considered writing a book about the event.

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