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These are brief descriptions of ICW television shows and all the information known about the broadcast.

Here's a vintage clip of Randy with his first singles title the NWA Mid American championship courtesy of Nick Gulas. Here Randy promotes a potential bout vs then NWA Champion Harley Race ; who was scheduled to be in the area in two weeks. Randy actually was awarded the title shot ; Race no showed for some odd reason. Randy actually lost that night to Jackie RoughHouse Fargo who subbed that night.


ICW TV show montage

Some of the great icw events are quickly captured in this opening which aired on the show from about June of 1981 until late 1982. Also includes great Southeastern footage ( the league Garvin , Orton Jr. Bob Roop and Boris Malenko left to start All Star wrestling in mid 1979) with Ronnie Garvin battling the one and only Andre the Giant. I will later describe some of these clips and their significance on the group's angles.



"Mixed" woman in audience

This woman attended the tv tapings almost weekly from October 1980 until the middle of the next year. She is my barometer as far as where she sat during the taping and who she brought with her. I have no idea who she was ( if she was related to anyone etc) ; plus didn't see her at the local matches at the National Guard Armory or Henry Clay High school. If your out there "mixed woman " --- as I can't tell if you were black white , mexican or any particular nationality..... sign the guestbook .But here's a picture of her for everyone to get a view.

http://www.freewebs.com/icwpoffouniverse/ICW disk 2 044.jpg

Promo of Savage and Bob Orton Jr

Randy was blessed with the ability to cut a drop dead killer promo , as related to me by George Weingeroff who said he blitzed his first one ever and never looked back . Here we see Angelo pushing the envelope , having Randy tout a possible tag team bout to the fans of the California area after the AWA abandoned its shows there in 1980. Awesome stuff .....


International All Star Wrestling shows

This is the group formed by Garvin , Roop , Orton Jr and Boris Malenko in mid 1979 when they believed they were being underpaid ( short- changed ? ripped off... etc.) by promoter Fuller when the territory was kicking in that year . Bob Roop also served as booker of the matches so he was getting stuck twice in his total pay plan.The Poffo's worked shows in Knoxville every Saturday nite for about 6 months and also tv frequently for Ron Wright who was the promoter owner.Although it wasn't their promotion , much of the talent went to Kentucky in May 1980 when the International All Star promotion folded.

International All Star Wrestling

June 23 1979


Terri Gibbs vs. The Assassin


Ronnie Garvin, who is training Gibbs as his protégé, is at the desk providing commentary. Jim Hess is anchoring the broadcast. Garvin states he has $500 for anyone who can pin Gibbs in less than 10  minutes .The Assassin who is Roger Smith under the mask outweighs Gibbs by quite a bit. Assassin is accompanied by Professor Boris Malenko at ringside.

The match ends up as a 10 minute draw and after the bout Gibbs is attacked by Bob Roop.

Will add more later as I watch the rest of the show.


International All Star Wrestling

June 30 1979


Lanny Poffo vs. George McCready



Ron Wright is at the desk providing commentary along with big Jim Hess .Announcer Wright states Lanny has been here for two weeks so he must have appeared on TV last week also. Lanny’s hometown is provided as Amarillo Texas and George hails from North Carolina at 238 pounds. David Hasbeloff is the ring announcer with Dan Gilliwaters in charge of the action as referee. Lanny prevails with the sleeperhold  fairly quickly. Hess is making up hold names with the enthusiasm of Dusty Rhode’s vocabulary ;with his descriptions of the moves sounding pretty witless.


The second bout of the day features Randy Savage tackling Ric McCord.The Savage interview at the end is priceless....


 Ric is listed as from Roanoke Virginia . Savage sports a the robe .Bob Orton Jr. is at the desk complementing Savage as to his being in shape and covers for Randy when he stretches the rules cheating during referee breaks of holds. Orton is verbalized as Southeastern champion during this show with a big rematch facing ex champ Ronnie Garvin tonight at Chilowee Park tonight.

Savage wins pretty handily in 4 minutes and 34 seconds , showing his patented double axe handle move from the top rope out onto the floor. Everyone is enamored with the act , stating he could as just as easily injure himself in the process.

An ad for wrestling in the region is next. Monday July 2 in Lake City Tennessee at the Lake City High School Gym and Friday July 6 1979 at Newport are the shows mentioned. Wrestlers mentioned are Ronnie Garvin , Chief Black Eagle , The Assassin and Colonel Yan Ky.

The third match is a tag team contest with The Southeastern tag champs of Col Yan Ky and The Assassin taking on Hoot Gibson and Jim Pride.



 Funny thing is announcer Hess complements Pride , but keeps calling him  Jim Price. Pride  is 224 pounds (probably about a 30 pound exaggeration) from Nashville Tennessee. This bout goes 6 minutes and 25 seconds with The Assassin pinning Pride.


Randy and Col Yan Ky vs Gibbs and Lanny Poffo

Bob Orton Jr was after Randy's ICW World title and gives hype about their upcoming feud



The fourth contest has a great tag match up of Terri Gibbs and Ronnie Garvin wrestling Bob Roop and Bob Orton Jr. .The heels are accompanied by Professor Boris Malenko. This bout is joined in progress as the taper took a restroom break and didn’t get back in time. Garvin’s team prevails

An interview with Garvin and Gibbs occurs at the desk following the match. Garvin refers to his title loss to Orton Jr. last Saturday night in Knoxville. Gibbs vocalizes about his six man tag bout with Lanny and Chief Black Eagle going in a Russian rules death match against Malenko , Assassin and Yan Ky.


Randy Savage vs Jim Pride



International All Star Wrestling

July 21 1979


Jim Pride vs. The Assassin

Ron Wright is at the desk providing commentary along with big Jim Hess .Announcer Wright states Pride’s name is Pride so he must have learned his verbal error from before. Assassin’s hometown is provided as and George hails from North Carolina at 238 pounds. David Hasbeloff is the ring announcer with Dan Gilliwaters in charge of the action as referee. The Assassin prevails with the sleeperhold fairly quickly.

 Here is this bout:  http://www.youtube.com/user/bocat03#p/u/16/bXDZ0lE1EWE


January 1980 Lexington tv airing


Tag bout Randy Savage and Rip Rogers against Terry Gibbs and Bob Roop

Lanny Poffo is the announcer at the desk with John Back. Great action with top rate work ethic, as this was one of the early shows filmed (the Lexington station channel 62) and shown in the secondary areas where ICW television had expanded. Izzy Slapowitz is at the desk with John Back and says he is scouting for talent. Izzy states he is looking at Savage and Rip Rogers as potential members of his syndicate; which is currently comprised of Bob and Barry Orton. This bout ends up as a 15 minute draw, with offence provided from both teams.

Video of the bout below



Ronnie Garvin vs. Bob Orton Jr. Leaping Lanny provides commentary at the desk. Garvin ends up as a bloody mess at the end of this match up. Lanny states both men have had matches against Randy Savage for his International Heavyweight Championship belt. In some of the ads for the Poffo’s the belt is called ICW World title, and occasionally as the International belt.

Garvin vs Orton Jr bout from youtube



The Miser vs. Jimmy Dean. Bob Roop is with John Back at ringside .Dean is touted as the fastest wrestler alive. Unfortunately, he gets captured by the Miser, who applies 3 or 4 heavy forearm slams to the back. Following this up with the neck breaker, it is a quick win for the money man.


April 1980 town run down and Savage promo


A six man tag match is the highlight of this week. Bob Roop, Ronnie Garvin and Jeff Sword tackle Doug Vines, Jim Ramsey and Wayne Davis. George Weingeroff is at the desk with John Back and is constantly backing the faces. Ramsey gets abused for a while in the middle of this match and is fighting against all 3 opponents as he can’t get a tag.

Finally he gets to his corner and its all 6 men in the ring at once. Ramsey tries to jump off the top rope behind the referees back but is caught by Bob Roop midstream and power body slammed.

Eventually the good guys prevail.


Town run down for the next 2 weeks. Tonight’s card in Combs Kentucky is the main big thing hyped here.

Promo with Randy Savage and Rip Rogers. Randy touts the big hair versus hair match up tonight against Rip Tyler. Also a tag team title match with the Orton’s against Lanny and George Weingeroff.

Close of the show with Ronnie Garvin and John Back. Ronnie is infuriated about what happened to Terri Gibbs earlier as he was injured by the figure four leg lock.






End of show sign off April 1980 Garvin screams




Great match up of Rip Rogers vs George Weingeroff from tv mid 1980




July 12 1980


The big sign on the wall says “International All Star Wrestling”

A great tag bout on this show with Boris Malenko and Tony Peters against Big Boy Williams and Bob Roop. Bob Orton Jr joins John Back at the desk for commentary. Izzy Slapowitz is at the corner with the heels as leader of the Slapowitz syndicate. The audience has 2 rows of fans on the face on view; but only one on the side view. Funny note also Angelo Poffo is sitting unmasked in the first seat of the side view (the red curtain side); along with jobber Jim Ramsey. The ring girl sits in the final seat of this row of fans also. Not sure who she was as she didn’t work any other shows I’m aware of.

Bob Orton Jr comments about his tag partner and that he has a television tournament match up later in the show against Jeff Sword.

Peters is announced as hailing from Kingsport Tennessee and at a weight of 300 pounds. Jack Phillips is the referee for this match up. A decent bout with Big Boy getting the push as the new good guy. Malenko and Peters can’t get a lot of offence against him; and Big Boy gets the pinfall cover after a terrible splash. He lands very unusually and pretty much misses the whole move, I guess in an effort not to injure Tony Peters. Bob Orton claims quick count and other grievances as to the loss for his comrades.


July 19 1980


On this show is when Jeff Sword turned bad. Not sure exactly the process; but he volunteered to hold The Misers feet as the masked man did sit ups during the entire show.

During the last bout of the day Pistol Pez Whatley attacked Sword and head butted him several times as punishment for his turning on his former friends.

This also spoiled The Miser glorious moment of achieving his sit up challenge. He had said he could perform the sit ups during the entire show but was foiled when his enemy Whatley disrupted the event.



August 16 1980

Semifinals of the TV tournament were on this show.

Randy Savage was given a bye to the semis as he was the world champion. The winner of his bracket who faced him was Pez Whatley. Randy prevailed with a pinfall; although I can’t recall any details and have no video to explain.

The other semi match was The Best (Bob Orton under wraps) vs. Bob Roop. I wonder who Lanny had lost to in the tournament as he should have been a favorite to get far. But Roop prevailed in the battle of the Bob’s and Orton lost for the second time in the tournament. Actually he was disqualified from the tournament for helping inject Ronnie Garvin in a Barry Orton Garvin TV title bout several weeks back; and thus couldn’t participate any further in the tournament.

August 23 1980

On this show Bob Roop won the finals of the television tournament by pinning Randy Savage. Their was a distraction by Ronnie Garvin at ringside which threw Randy off his game and caused him to get pinned. If I recall Garvin rang the bell when Randy had Roop pinned during the match about 20 minutes in and Randy jumped up thinking he was winner. He looked over at the interview area and realized Garvin was there and hadn’t won; quickly Roop school boy pinned him and captured the three count for the title win.

August 30 1980


On this ICW broadcast, Randy Savage had issued a challenge to Ronnie Garvin for his Southeastern title.  However Savage shows up with a cast on his arm and says he is under doctors orders not to wrestle. However, he will let Rip Rogers take his place in the bout. Through some kind of diversionary tactic, it ended up the action started and Randy hammered Garvin on the back of the neck with his cast. Then suddenly after Garvin was out cold the ref signaled the bell to be rung and the bout started. Can’t remember exactly if Garvin was pinned by either; or if Savage basically ran away with the Southeastern belt in his possession. But Randy ended up with Ronnie’s belt.

After the match up (or possibly later in the show) Ronnie Garvin took out his frustrations on referee Wayne Davis (who has issued the start of the bout) choking him with a pants belt around the neck. He threw him over the top rope with the belt still around his neck, basically hanging him over the top rope. Can’t recall who stopped this incident, but that was the scenario.


September 6 1980


Show has a few promos, but no city listings of cards


 On ICW masters my tape; has four partial shows on the tape. First in about October 1981, middle show is mid 1982 and last two are from September 1980.

At this time John Back is still referring to the show as International All Star wrestling

Start of show I believe Bob Roop thanks the fans for the television trophy he won via his tournament victory.

Ronnie Garvin talks; he has been suspended for hanging the referee with a belt. He claims he will expose Randy Savage. He calls the ICW board of Directors a bunch of jerks.


Randy Savage and Bob Orton Jr. promo challenging AWA team of Ray Stevens and Pat Patterson. I think this was a result of Angelo getting the show shown on television in California.


Bob Roop says he knows the identity of the Best. Footage is shown where Lanny is injured by the Best after he comes to the aid of Pez Whatley and Jim Pride?


First match of the show Rip Rogers vs. Jim Pride; match is touted as rematch of television tournament match where Pride upset Rogers .Izzy Slapowitz accompanies Rogers at ringside. Randy Savage gives great commentary. Randy even states that he and Rip are roommates (I think George Weingeroff verified this recently) both men get in some strong offence .Good match up with Rogers prevailing with his patented clothesline.


Television title match: Bob Roop champion vs. Benny Wilson. Commentary by Izzy Slapowitz. Wilson is supposedly an NWA wrestler who has challenged Roop for an ICW challenge. Roop wins pretty quickly as Wilson gets in absolutely no offense.


Ronnie Garvin indicates has some kind of information concerning Randy Savage.


http://youtube.com/watch?v=kRUP8wiIHE0 This is video of the expose...


Ronnie Garvin exposes Randy Savage as Lanny Poffo’s brother. Footage is shown of Lanny showing a picture of them as a team earlier in their career. Randy breaks the glass plated picture over his forehead. This could have been footage of Don Pruitt as announcer where Lanny exposed Randy as his cousin in mid 1979 which was on ICW TV shows taped from early (April 1979).

Randy does a great leap and attacks Garvin at the announcers’ podium; they wrestle in a death grip tie up until a commercial break.


Bob Orton Jr. with Izzy Slapowitz facing Pistol Pez Whatley .Commentary at the desk by Lanny Poffo. He produces a sport bag, but says he doesn’t know who it belongs to. He brings out the contents of the bag, showing the mask of the Best, and the tights of the Best. Izzy and Bobby haven’t seen Lanny explaining this at the desk. Lanny quickly puts the items back inside the bag and leaves it on the desk. Izzy sees the item there and whistles Orton Jr to stop wrestling and “get his bag”. Orton and his manager leave the match, losing by count out and go back to the dressing room.

Jeff Sword wrestles Kenny Shane. Commentary as ringside by Rip Rogers. Sword wins with the bear hug.




September 13 1980

Full intro with John Back; back wears checked yellow suit jacket. Randy gives the Southeastern belt to Izzy Slapowitz for safe keeping.


Opening match: Jeff Sword over Jim Pride via the bear hug. Pride doesn’t submit but the ref stops the bout as Pride is pretty much out of it.


Six man tag bout: Big Boy Williams, Lanny Poffo and George Weingeroff over Bob Orton Jr, Doug Vines and The Tennessee Stud (Steve Cooper). Big Boy’s push continues as he pins The Stud after a big splash.

Interview with Bob Roop , Bob Orton Jr and Izzy Slapowitz . The bag which Lanny Poffo picked up last week is shown to Bob Orton Jr to determine if it is his ( and The Best’s bag also) . Orton claims the expensive bag isn’t his , so Roop cuts it up into sheds to see Orton’s reaction. Orton stammers and stutters as the bag is destroyed.


Mr. X vs. Wayne Davis : Davis was exposed last week by Ronnie Garvin as Randy Savage’s  “Protégé” under the mask in a TV studio bout . Yet he signs to wrestle the unknown Mr. X , WHO JUST HAPPENS to be Ronnie Garvin . After a 5 minute thrashing , and three knees from the top rope to the throat  Garvin is disqualified but gets his retribution on Mr. Davis.Roop states this will deter others from helping Randy Savage get to Ronnie Garvin.


Inside ICW with Randy Savage and Bob Orton Jr. randy talks about “Plots against people” . Video is shown of Randy smashing the ICW World title against Lanny’s forehead . Orton talks about the identity of the Best , and why Bob Roop isn’t being punished , as Orton has unmasked him as the Best?


Town runs down: Frankfort 9-24-80 for the first time. Savage vs. Garvin, Roop vs. Orton

Promo: Bob Orton Jr and Izzy Slapowitz about Lexington Kentucky match up on 9-15-80 my birthday!!!


 Randy Savage vs. Ric McCord .Randy Savage wins by count out in a match where Ric McCord had some offense going.


Here is the above bout and the aftermath!!



Randy Savage interview with John Back. Randy explains he is challenging Ronnie Garvin, and the challenge must be met. Wee Willie comes out and throws water in Savage’s face, Izzy and Randy slip on the wet concrete floor and someone takes the belt back during the commotion.


Close of show: Garvin and Wee Willie have the belt

September 20 1980

Full intro with John Back; Back wears blue suit jacket. Descriptions about suspensions in the ICW. Garvin’s has been lifted, Steve Cooper still on suspension for caning (hitting him in the gut… with a cane …for those of you not from Kentucky) Jim Davis referee. 12 people single row audience composed mostly of 25-46 year old women. Mother of mother daughter duo is there I believe.

He is joined by Ronnie Garvin and Wee Willie. Garvin imitates Randy Savage .... "You've lost the Souteastern title ?? Wheres the belt " is the theme and Wee Willie looks to sport it hidden in a bag.

 ICW Wrestling News

Town runs down: Frankfort 9-24-80 for the first time. Savage vs. Garvin, Roop vs. Orton

Promo: Bob Roop about this is first TV show to be televised in Louisville and the angles going on.He explains the show is current and stay tuned for great feuds and action.


Devils Duo over George Weingeroff and Jim Pride. Izzy Slapowitz at the desk. World television premier of the Duo and "no one has broken the bear hug( of Jeff Sword) according to Izzy.Weingeroff pinned after the Devils’ Drop is executed. This match is a good 20 minute bout and solidifies them as prime candidates for all the tag titles in the promotion.Izzy 's commentary is awesome!!!


Randy Savage interview with John Back. Randy explains Garvin must have stolen the belt, although there is no evidence. Video is shown of the belt disappearing last week when Wee Willie threw water in Savage and Slapowitz’s direction. Savage is fearful of his $5000 bond he has placed on the belt until it is decided who the belt is to be awarded to.

Above interview with Randy



Start of Rip Rogers vs. Big Boy Williams, match cut out.


Interview: Bob Orton Jr, Izzy Slapowitz and the Mighty Cupid. The midget claims the bag last week was his, and it was given to him by his dead mother. Bob Orton says he will extract the value of the bag $500 , out of Roop’s hide for his action.


Match Ronnie Garvin wrestling Bob Orton Jr. Wee Willie is at ringside with Garvin , holding what appears to be the Southeastern belt in a sack. Savage grabs the green bag , but the belt isn’t in it . It is a belt made by Garvin mocking Randy Poffo. Garvin claims Savage is still a petty thief, so this must have been after Randy was arrested for shoplifting the steak at Krogers on Nicholasville Road.


Inside ICW with Randy Savage. Video available on you tube .Masked Protégé is unmasked as referee Wayne Davis. Footage of Steve Cooper’s action which resulted in his suspension for caning referee Jim Davis. One of Randy’s top promos ever!!!


Bob Roop also wrestled The Black Avenger on this show. Don't know result.

October 11 1980


The mother and good looking daughter who worked at ringside for the Henry Clay High school shows are in the TV audience. They sit on the “face on” camera side of the ring to the extreme left. Mixed women is on the right side (not face on camera) of the ring in her usual spot. Three black gentlemen sit in the audience, one with a spiffy hat. Their appears to be 26 people in the studio for the two tapings which would have been on October 2, 1980.


Main event of the day Challenge match between Bob Orton Jr and Pistol Pez Whatley. Randy Savage is at ringside; actually at the desk with John Back and provides some of his classic verbal sparring with the host. Back is needling Savage about his recent problems with Ronnie Garvin, and Randy is on the brink of insanity over the whole situation. Savage is shirtless, and brings the ICW World title belt to the desk.

Bob Orton is without Izzy Slapowitz, and has not captured the television title as this supposedly occurred in Woodlawn Illinois in mid October 1980. Not sure whether this was a real or phantom title switch. I would bet on a non bout occurrence, given the Bob Roop injury situation.

This match up is given as a result of a challenge from last weeks show: Pez Whatley kicked out of a pin fall attempt after a piledriver was administered by Bob Orton Jr. Evidently Orton challenged Whatley, enraged by the unsuccessful pin.

Pez controls the bout for most of the 13 minute action. Pez throws Bobby out to the ring floor. Randy Savage goes up to the ring and distracts the referee, and Pez is behind the referee in a verbal confrontation with Savage. Orton Jr. sneaks back into the ring with a plastic chair, and knocks Pez senseless with a shot to the top of the head. (Why does this cripple Pez when the headbutt never does?) Orton then quickly slides back out onto the studio floor and appears to be just waking up. Orton goes back into the ring, carefully hoisting the dazed Pez up for a piledriver. It takes awhile for Orton to get Pez’s dead weight up correctly, but he administers a piledriver to his foe .Then he pins Pez, supposedly solving the controversy about whether Pez can kick out of the piledriver move. Winner by pin fall Bob Orton Jr..


October 18 1980


Bob Roop has not been injured by The Duo, Orton Peters and Slapowitz yet.


Intro with John Back Bob Orton Jr. Bob has small tv trophy looking at it like it is shit.


City listings by Tim Tyler: watch for the icw sports arena coming to downtown Lexington soon


Pez Whatley promo : he wants Bob Orton Jr in Machester Ky October 19 1981


These bouts are after Garvin has exposed Randy Savage as a Poffo. John Back is announced as being up for announcer of the year. At this time Steve Cooper is still suspended by the icw.

First match: Lanny Poffo vs. Hustler Rip Rogers with Brenda Britton. Randy Savage is at ringside for commentary and interferes; Rip Rogers goes to top rope to jump on Lanny and is knocked off it by Ronnie Garvin. Lanny wins by pin fall.



Promo Ronnie Garvin about Combs Kentucky October 19 1980 tag match


Interview with Pez Whatley and Bob Orton Jr with Izzy Slapowitz. They talk on match last week where Pez was injured by a chair shot from Orton, or from the pile driver.


ICW match Bob Orton Jr. defends TV trophy against Jim Pride ( I actually have perfect video quality of same match on my tape #1) Orton is literally sporting a small cup like trophy , as the Best destroyed the original television trophy a few weeks back. Pez is at ringside, takes an instamatic picture of Orton using pile driver on Jim Pride. Orton pins Pride after the move which the referee didn’t see due to Izzy Slapowitz diversion.


Scheduled bout: Devil’s Duo vs. Ric McCord and Big Boy Williams. Slapowitz says the Duo won’t wrestle on television until they get a title shot (US or Southern?) John Back points out they have had matches for the belts at the arenas… Duo forfeits match.


Stand by match: Ronnie Garvin destroys Terry Harris 280 pounds from Georgetown Kentucky. Garvin wins with pile driver; may be only Orton is banned from using this hold.


Town run down >

801019 Combs Kentucky AB Combs High School

801019  Manchester Ky Ernie Couches

801023 Barbourville Ky Knox Co High School

801024 Jackson Ky Jackson City Schools

801025 Prestonsburg Ky High School


 Promo : Izzy Slapowitz and Devil's Duo

INSIDE ICW with Roop and Garvin. They talk about triangle of Lexington Louisville and Memphis Tennessee.


 Randy is totally disgusted and will put up his own money! Dream match challenge announced via Randy.


Town run down and Bob Orton Jr ( no Izzy) hype about Manchester Coal Miners Glove bout


Bob Roop speaking for and with an eight foot tall giant challenges Randy Savage to a match. Savage comes out and states even Andre the Giant isn’t eight feet tall. The giant is under wraps, beneath a big sheet which covers everything but his legs. Savage turns his back on the thing, and quickly it is revealed to be Ronnie Garvin with Wee Willie on his shoulders. Willie leaps and lands on Savages back of his head, and cling s to Randy via his hair. Randy shrugs him off and is met by Garvin and backs off.


Next match Wee Willie vs. The Mighty Cupid. It is revealed Cupid has been training with Randy Savage and his mission is to destroy Wee Willie. Savage hangs around at ringside hoping to get Willie, but Garvin stays also and equals things out. Willie wins the match and further leads to Randy Savages humiliation.


ICW Challenge update: Randy Savage no more jokes on me!




ICW hold of the week cradles: side cradle . George Weingeroff demonstrates on Pez as Lanny holds the microphone


Close of show: Pez shows photo of illegial piledriver : Jim Pride wins todays bout but not tv championship stays with Orton Jr . Pez willl show photo to ICW board of directors


October 26 1980

ICW TV October 26, 1980 video is available of full show with all promos from Ky area

Old show intro with All Star participants

Intro John Back in Blue Jacket

Southeastern title match is the highlight of this show : 2nd match total show tv time remaining after first match of Lanny vs Terry Harris form Georgetown Kentucky


The intro has a Ron Garvin promo with Wee Willie in tuxedo Garvin accepts challenge from Orton for title bout

The ringside crowd has one row of people on each side of ring. Mother  of mother daughter combo  looks to be on the face on side of crowd

Promos of ICW Wrestling news : dream match suggestions

Lanny vs Terry Harris form Georgetown Kentucky Randy Vaughn is the ref for this bout

Combs Sunday afternoon Fire Dept sponsored $1.00 off all tickets

Oct 26 Savage vs Garvin and Manchester Ernie Couches Night card main events 10 rounds boxing Orton vs Whatley

DD VS Lanny and George

Sommerset Nov 4 :

Bob Orton Jr interview tv

Lanny vs Terry Harris form Georgetown Kentucky

Randy Vaughn is the ref for this bout 

Lanny wins with sleeper hold

George Weingeroff at the desk: last week Izzy refused them to wrestle unless title shots given

ICW Wrestling news promos

Savage interview money with Steve Cooper and body guard from bank

Ronnie Garvin vs. Bob Orton Jr for SE title Randy Vaughn also officiates this bout which is a title match

Izzy at ringside in light blue shorts

Cooper is still suspended : Willie dressed as Cooper to mock him

Mixed lady at ringside on right side of ring close to Wee Willie

Bob Roop at desk for first part of match

Izzy at desk after break: After about 17 minutes of match Garvin goes for pile driver

Randy Savage in blue jumpsuit costume (savage interferes) with all Slapowitz syndicate they prevent faces from getting into ring.Savage has handcuffs and handcuffs Garvin with both arms behind his back.Savage repeatedly punches garvins already bleeding forehead to cause a crimson mask on the face. Rip Rogers and Doug Vines have weapons like lumberjacks protecting the ring .Orton Jr does a pile driver on Garvin : Randy jumps off top rope for force to start it.

Pez Whatley promo boxing match

Inside ICW with Randy Savage with Steve Cooper

Savage interview money with Steve Cooper with ICW belt  and body guard from bank


Savage $100,000 interview

watch it here



Roop interview at desk with Back : blood on his shirt and indicates syndicate may have started something they may regret

Pez Whatley vs. Wayne Davis Lancaster Ky tv time remaining

At this date Bob Orton Jr is barred from pile driver others are not

Back elaborates about half brother status

Pez wins with flying tackle and pin

ICW Challenge update on $100,000

Lanny Poffo interview

Hold of the week cut out

Syndicate family end of show :Savage/Orton promo


November 1 1980


Audience consists of  17 people and mixed lady is in her usual seat, possibly with her husband sitting next to her .It looks like a jobber ( can’t remember his name ) is planted behind the heels corner  also. 


This is the show where Bob Roop is shown as being injured by several unknown assailants. Roop comes out at the announcers’ desk to begin the show (with several other good guys) and is in crutches. He has a bandage on his forehead and appears to have been roughed up severely.  He describes how at an arena, he and Big Boy Williams were defending the Southern tag belts against I believe Bob Orton Jr and Tony Peters. He states the battle went back to the dressing room where they were attacked by the entire Slapowitz syndicate including The Devils Duo and Rip Rogers. He says the group went overboard in their assault on him, and doctors have indicated he will never wrestle again. Their is indication given by the faces here that they are sticking together against the syndicate to protect each other.

TV title bout Bob Orton Jr vs newcomer Buddy Landel . Budro sports the balck hair and is a new body on the scene having graduated from Boris Malenkos training a few months back. Pez Whatley is at the desk, he wants tv title shot aslo. I could be mistaken but one time Orton Jr picked a name out of a fishbowl to give all comers tv title shot in ICW this time frame. It was either Landel or jobber whose name was on every piece of paper in the fishbowl to gaurantee no valid contender got the shot.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPMJHmrqnww Above Landel vs. Bob Orton jr match up

 Last match up of the week Lanny Poffo against Dale Edwards. I think this was about the only time George Hill (referee Dale Edwards) wrestled on television for the Poffo’s. Edwards is announced as 190 pounds from Tampa Florida. Rip Rogers is at the desk with commentary about the Bob Roop situation. He indicates Roop is permanently ugly and calls him Frankenstein Roop. Lanny carries the whole three minute bout finishing with a back flip into a pin fall over Edwards. Emmett Couch was the referee for this bout .Candi Divine also takes the clothing of these wrestlers after the introductions, so I’m figuring she worked these two taping shows.


November 8 1980

$100,000 brought to TV for triple challenge match of Randy Savage vs Bill Dundee , Tojo Yamamoto and Jerry Jarrett





Above link to below match up

Tag team match Devils Duo versus Ric McCord and Chief War Eagle. Chief War Eagle hasn’t wrestled for the Poffo’s since the old Georgetown days of mid 1979 at Country World and the feud with Cliff Lilly’s promotion. Izzy is at ringside with the Duo. This television taping occurred October 30 1980, just before Halloween .The two guys in glasses and the #12 guy is on the other side of the ring.

Doug and Jeff pray to the Kaba Kaba before the match and cause about a three minute delay before the bell is rung. Izzy goes to the desk and provides his unique brand of commentary about his team. How this guy never made it big as a manager is beyond me. Izzy states his team is after the US Tag belts, plus that Roop is injured still and their will likely be a tournament to determine new Southern Tag champions.  

They are still playing up the fact that McCord won the rookie of the year award over Doug Vines. Ric McCord carries the face team, and the bout is fairly even.

November 15 1980

The two guys in glasses are directly face on to the camera for this taping, and the #12 kid is on the other side of the audience.


First match of the day is a six man tag bout Bob Orton Jr, The Miser and Mad Dog Rex Allen against George Weingeroff, Big Boy Williams and Chief War Eagle. The Piledriver is illegal at this juncture for all participants. Candi Divine is working as the ring girl in a black sport jumpsuit, but has a hard time gathering up all the costumes from the heels. (Miser’s jacket, Bob Orton Jr.’s hat and jacket etc) .Izzy Slapowitz accompanies Bob Orton Jr at ringside who is sporting the new television title belt. Izzy wears a blue suit at this match. The young guy Vaughn is the referee for this match up.

Good match up as Big Boy’s push continues. He pins Mad Dog Rex Allen after his big splash in the center of the ring. Due to his losing the bout, The Miser and Orton Jr. turn on Allen after the finish. Orton works on Allen, then hoists him up to do the piledriver on him. However he is talked out of it by the Miser, who convinces him he will be fined as the move is illegal in the ICW. Good fiscal advice from the man under the Mask.


Rip Rogers vs. Chuck Kelly


Brenda Britton is at ringside with Rip who is wearing the red King crown. Brenda wears a big red stretchy suit like she might wrestle in.   Chuck Kelly is announced as 260 pounds from St. Louis Missouri. Emmett Couch is the referee for this match up.

Rip prevails after Kelly gets in some offense. Rip does the clothesline just before the pin fall.

December 20 1980

After the show intro and match listings, Ronnie Garvin is at the announcers desk .He has Wee Willie with him who is dressed up as Steve Cooper in black tuxedo with a cane. Garvin announces he has an expose involving Randy Savage which he will reveal during the show.

Pistol Pez faces Cowboy David Starr. Starr is 215 pounds from El Paso Texas. He wears dark trunks which have a horseshoe on the back side of them. George Weingeroff provides commentary during the match. He remarks about Bob Roop’s crutches being broken on last weeks show. George comments Bob Orton Jr. is scheduled to defend the television belt this week, but hasn’t announced his opponent. George expounds Pez is worthy of a title shot, but hasn’t been obliged by the champ. George Hill is at ringside taking photos of these television broadcasts.




Rip Rogers versus Don Gilber. Gilber is announced as hailing from Little Rock Arkansas, but no weight is given. The ref is the young guy; I believe his name is Randy Vaughn. Rip Rogers dominates the match throughout. He does his patented clothes line , then a neck breaker  and pins the hapless foe twice after the move .Unfortunately , he pulls Gilber up at the two count both times in the bout , and is disqualified for his “cat and mouse” tactic in toying with the beaten Kelly . We protested loudly at the referees’ decision to give Mr. Gilber the win.


Chief Jerry Eagle had pictures on his website (no longer there) with him wrestling Randy Savage and my crew in the audience. I have no recollection of this bout, but we are definitely there.


December 27 1980













This is one of two shows where Chief Jerry Eagle worked the television taping shows for the Poffo’s in 1980. I, Nut Darryl, Tom Lynch and Alan Gibson were in the studio audience after attending our “college day” at University of Kentucky. On the first show we sat in the front lower row of seats, on the second taped show (12-20-80) we were in the back row.


 Several good angles were worked into these two shows. John Back wears a black blazer with sweater vest beige under the jacket. Another notable fact is that the ring girl for these shows was lady wrestler Candi Divine (Candice Rummel).


Rip Rogers against Bob Stabler. Rip is in a jovial mood to start out the introductions. He has Brenda Britton with him. He wears a red king crown and is thrilled as Lanny Poffo is in his second week of wearing the yellow “I’m a brat” shirt.

Lanny Poffo interrupts before the bout begins. He says he will put up $50 that Rip can’t pin Stabler and win the match within two minutes. Rip jaws with Lanny at the desk and states he would bet his life he can beat Stabler. Lanny states he will put up the $50 on the bout, provided that if Rip can’t pin Stabler that Rip must wear the brat shirt for the remaining weeks of the brat show challenge. Rip reluctantly agrees, provided that he gets updates on the time situation and that the match doesn’t start until he is ready in the ring. Rip controls the bout quickly and throws Stabler out on the floor with about a minute left for Rip to pin his foe. As Stabler is on the floor Lanny interferes and throws a fierce right punch to the jaw of Stabler. The referee has no choice but to disqualify Rip Rogers and award the match to Bob Stabler, relieving Lanny of the rest of his shirt wearing obligation. Rip myself and my comrades protest the decision, but to no avail. Rip gets in the middle of the ring and throws a temper tantrum, crying on the shoulder of Brenda Britton.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=508kUiucvcs Rogers vs Stabler and pre match commentary

April 10 1981

Ricki Nelson is the ring girl for this show. She looks to wear a full one piece sexy bathing suit in some of the bouts. This show opens with a tag team bout of The Devils Duo facing Ric McCord and Rusty Roberts. It is a tag team elimination bout where when one man gets pinned it becomes a two on one scenario. There is one row of fans in the face on side of the picture, and the frizzy headed referee is in charge of the bout. The heels perform the devils drop on Roberts, and it is McCord who is left to deal with a handicap bout after Roberts is pinned. This television bout was probably being used to promote the great tag team battle of Randy Savage and Bob Orton Jr. who were feuding with Bob Roop and Ronnie Garvin at this time.

Bob Roop faces Dallas Young in the next bout on this show. Roop wins with the sugar hold at 1:50 into the bout.

A video of Randy Savage at home with his pet snake. Crusher is there also.

An arena bout with Lanny Poffo facing Crusher Broomfield is shown next. At the end of the bout Crusher argues with Bob Orton Jr., and Randy Savage comes out to the ring and tells Crusher something. Crusher then cowls down to the champion, and looks irritated about what Randy told him.

The last bout of the day is Bob Orton Jr. facing Hoot Gibson. After the match Rip Rogers appears and argues with Bob

April 17 1981

Matches from Spanish television from Puerto Rico station. This show has the yellow ring canvas prominently visible on the TV shot. The audience is an overflow crowd, with mother daughter on the face on side, however mixed woman looks like she missed this taping. They are touting the stars of the upcoming show in Lexington at Henry Clay High School as this was the first card in Lexington in over 8 months. There is a senile old guy on the face on side sitting in the second seat from the left. John Back sports a light beige suit. Their also is the blue covering over the announcers table where John Back sits.

The fuzzy headed referee is the official for the first bout.

The first match up of the day is the Devils Duo taking on Plowboy Pete and Cliff Thomas. The Duo does the partner propelled body slam to pin their hapless opponent.Lanny is at the desk giving commentary during the bout.

The next bout is Ricki Starr against Pistol Pez Whatley. I don’t think the Blondes had formed yet as a team, but Rip comes to talk to John Back as Ricki waits in the ring. Rip has a bouquet of flowers with him. Rip says some uncomplimentary things about Pez who confronts him at the announcer’s desk. Pez gets pissed and goes back to the ring and quickly disposes of Starr, as he is hyped up from his tangle with Rip.

The third match of the day is Rick McCord tackling the Tennessee Stud. This Stud is in the white and black outfit with the similarly colored mask. I would venture this was Bill Martin from his body build and size. This is an extremely fast match as there are about two moves than a flying body press from McCord for the one-two three pin.

Ronnie Garvin interview at John Back’s desk, Garvin has the Southeastern title sitting on the table. They show the tag bout from Frankfort Kentucky Wednesday March 18 1981 of Garvin and Roop facing Savage and Bob Orton Jr. with the Prophet in their corner. It is a pretty long bout and eventually the faces get the Prophet into the ring and take off his outfit. However his face isn’t revealed and it is kind of odd. He seems to be much heavier set than Steve Cooper. The Prophet here looks about 6 foot one about 245 pounds, so he is both taller and heavier than Cooper was at that time.

Next is an interview from Randy Savages house. There are Randy, Bob Orton Jr., Steve Cooper and Crusher Broomfield. The tape I have just has about 3 seconds of this promo, so I can’t guess as to the content of the conversation.

A television studio bout main event of Lanny Poffo wrestling Crusher Broomfield. Lanny has the tag belt on and this is actually a heck of a bout. George Grey must have been a quick learner as Lanny does good job working with him very early in his training. Crusher does a semi drop kick which is astonishing. Lanny body slams Crusher and this is a very competitive match up. Eventually the Devils Duo interferes and attacks Lanny. Lanny handles them easily, smacking them together (which is where Doug Vines injures his elbow). This elbow was touted as having loaded elbow pad during the April 25 1981 title change match in Lexington.

April 24 1981


Above : Randy Savage and The Prophet .... no Garvin and Roop mocking Savage when he refused to come to the tv studio after the "Sting" in February 1981

This show has the large crowd with the black background from the face on camera view. There is senile old man from face on view; plus a cowboy with a black hat also about 4 seats in from the left.

Opening match up is Jeff Sword of the Devils Duo tackling Cliff Thomas. Izzy and Doug Vines come to ringside pre match; Vines is still favoring his elbow he injured last show. Izzy goes to the desk and provides commentary; Sword prevails with the bear hug.

There is also a tag team match up of The Devils Duo facing Lanny Poffo and George Weingeroff on this show. It is quite a long bout for TV standards. The Devils Duo is in control and perform the Devils Drop on George Weingeroff; at this juncture Crusher Broomfield comes lumbering into the ring from the face on camera view. He attacks George Weingeroff first, as he was the first combatant he reached. After that he attacks Jeff Sword and Izzy at ringside seems confused. This all probably has to do with The Devils Duo getting the title shot in Lexington soon there; and Bob Orton and Crusher not getting it. The Spanish commentary is irritating here as I wish I could hear what John Back was saying.

May 2 1981

This show features the bright yellow ring top canvas.


The main event of the show is a challenge boxing bout between Rip Rogers and Pez Whatley . Rip instituted this challenge. Pez waits in the ring with his gloves on with George Weingeroff acting as his second. George has his back to Rip , who has yet to put his gloves on . Rip runs full speed at his foes and places  a strategically placed knee in George’s upper back . George goes down and Rip takes control of Pez , who has a hard time tying up with him due to his boxing gloves.

Eventually they start wrestling and Pez has control of the bout.Rip goes out on the concrete floor to get a break from Pez's onslaught. Then Pez goes of the opposite ring rope and propels himself through the ropes and does a flying body press onto The Hustler. This was the clip they show at the beggining of the ICW TV show montage. It can be seen at the top of this section by clicking on the youtube link there.



May 9 1981

810509 ICW TV SHOW description video available

These two shows featured several angles involving Pez Whatley and Rip Rogers, who were feuding massively at this juncture. The shows have bright yellow canvas as the top of the ring which is visible from the viewers point. There is one row of fans on both sides of the view; a dad with two kids sits at the extreme right on the non face on side of the picture. The mother of mother-daughter looks to be seated in the face on side at the right of the ring post. Nicki is the ring girl for the shows. Mixed woman is not in the audience as far as I can tell.

The opening bout is Crusher Broomfield against the Tennessee Stud. This version is almost certainly Steve Cooper as I can tell by his tie ups at the beginning of the bout. This was a cost saving measure by Angelo due to a shortage of workers .Emmett Couch works this bout as referee. Crusher wins with an illegal pile driven prompted by Bob Orton Jr coming to ringside; however the bout lasted only 1 minute and 28 seconds.

An interview with Rip Rogers is next. They show a clip of the studio boxing bout last week where Rip challenged Pez, which developed into an all out bout.

The next scheduled match up is Pez Whatley facing Ricki Starr. At this juncture I don’t believe The Blondes had officially formed as Rogers and Rick Starr.

Both contestants wear black trunks in this bout. Starr has his boots with the initials RS on them, which looks professional. The match up lasts 5 minutes and 34 seconds, Pez prevails with a flying body press into the pinfall.

Rip Rogers’s storms the announcers’ desk with a statement. He says he found John Back’s missing hubcap in The Pistol mans athletic bag, insinuating Pez stole it from Back. Back indicates he is highly suspicious of anything Rip says, and Pez says John should know him and know he didn’t steal the item.

The next bout is touted as the battle of the rookie of the years from the past two years. It is Ric McCord (1980 winner) facing Danny Doyle the 1981 award winner. Bob Roop provides commentary for the bout at ringside and it is one of the most scientific matches I have witnessed on the show ever. They go back and forth constantly, with McCord taking the victory in 8 minutes and 10 seconds. His pinfall cover method was one I hadn’t witnessed prior and was a very smooth move. I’ll try to come back and describe it later.

Inside ICW with Izzy Slapowitz providing commentary on the title change bout April 25 1981 for the tag belts. Izzy denies the fireball and says it must be trick photography. Also states Vines elbow pad wasn’t loaded.

Final expiration of TV time remaining match up Bob Orton Jr vs. Bob Stabler. Orton prevails.

May 16 1981

810516 ICW TV SHOW description video

John Back wears a brown blazer, with The Devils Duo opening the show carrying the United States Tag belts.

A video is shown of the battle royal from Frankfort Kentucky on May 6 1981. The Macho Man is eliminated by Ronnie Garvin early in the contest. Eventually it gets down to Izzy and the Devils Duo, with Lanny Poffo, Ronnie Garvin and Rip Rogers also. It gets narrowed down to Garvin, Sword and Izzy and Garvin proceeds to do a pile driver on Sword. He has him up to do the move, and The Destroyer runs in quickly and comes from the top rope with a two by four and lands it on the top of the head of Garvin. Sword throws Ronnie over the top rope; and Savage (in the Destroyer suit) has a stare down with Izzy and Jeff Sword. Savage still has the two by four; it is a Mexican stand off and Savage leaves.

First match of the day Bob Stabler facing Lanny Poffo. The referee for the match is Emmett Couch. There are 14 people in the audience, with Brenda Britton and the frizzy haired ref sitting at the extreme right seats on the not face on side of the view. The ref is wearing a hat to disguise his appearance.

Ronnie Garvin vs. The Tennessee Stud; this looks to be Steve Cooper under wraps to save on workers these tapings. Emmett Couch again is the ref for the bout. Garvin appears to want to get disqualified and pile drives The stud followed by the knee to the throat from the top rope.

An interview with Pez Whatley about his problems with Rip Rogers. A match from Frankfort on May 6 is shown. The bout is Rip Rogers facing Ric McCord and Pez grabs Rip over the ropes and causes him to get disqualified.

Doug Vines against Danny Doyle. Vines is sporting the US TAG belt and wins with a shot to the head with his loaded elbow pad. This was to reinforce that the elbow pad was loaded during the title bout on April 25 1981 when they beat Lanny and George.

Inside ICW with Bob Roop interviewing Ronnie Garvin. The subject is fines from the ICW Board of directors. Four incidents are viewed; The Destroyer throwing the ref during the battle royal, Pez throwing the ref when Rip was choking hung on the ropes, Rip throwing the ref just recently in Frankfort, and Garvin beating the ref in Lexington. Garvin was fined the most $2,250 as he really put a hurting on Emmett Couch. Garvin feels it is unfair.

The Destroyer and Bob Orton Jr. against Ricki Cook and Bill Martin. Martin never gets into the match as the heels whip up on Cook. A savage elbow from the middle rope followed by a suplex by Orton is the pinfall. Emmett Couch refereed this match. After the bout the Devils Duo jumps The Destroyer and Orton, with Crusher also getting in the ring. Eventually it is a total melee.

May 23 1981

This Show I audio recorded on a cassette tape when it broadcast originally on the air date I believe my audio has the promos for the house shows; plus lists the dates and has wrestler’s promos. One note I distinctly recall is the promotion of the Sugar Hold challenge for Frankfort coming up on June 3 1981. This is where Bill Harding broke out and won the $1000 of Angelo’s money. Also at the beginning of the show John Back reveals he has information from Randy Savage in a sealed envelope, but they are not to open until they see an interview with Savage later on in the show


A video is shown from an arena bout where Pez Whatley faced Rip Rogers. Pez is at announcer’s desk and gives commentary about how much he wants retribution on The Hustler. He throws two referees aside and I believe was fined for this action. Eventually Jeff Sword interferes, and Izzy comes and checks on Rip Rogers . Pez brings up he though Rip was out of the syndicate , as was Bob Orton Jr. and Randy Savage . The reason Orton was out was because he was challenging The Devil’s Duo to United States tag championship bouts.

Pez Whatley versus Bob Stabler in the TV studio. Pez wins.


Inside ICW featuring Randy Savage


Randy Savage, Crusher Broomfield and Steve Cooper from Randy Savage’s house. Randy states he will grant Ronnie Garvin a world title rematch; but he must put up his hair against the belt. Savage gets riled up and cuts some of Crusher Broomfield’s hair in honor of the upcoming bout before Steve Cooper stops him. On of Randy’s greatest promos ever announcing the upcoming bout in Lexington Kentucky on June 18, 1981. The Spanish broadcast has promo cut out; but hopefully my audio tape remains as the standard bearer of Randy Savage interviews.” You gotta put up your hair ….against the belt. Cause I went through a lot . The expose …tarnishing a legend. This will clear it all up ..This will clear it all up”


John Back opens the contract envelope from Randy Savage and notes that it is a hair versus the belt contract for the world title.

Footage of Bob Orton Jr. versus Danny Doyle from Henry Clay High school on April 25 1981. Orton gives commentary about the bout. Doyle puts up a decent effort but Orton is just too much.


Crusher Broomfield takes on Danny Doyle in the studio. Crusher pulverizes Doyle.


George Weingeroff against Bill Martin. George wins quickly after a side suplex and a stiff elbow onto the prone Martin.


Ronnie Garvin comes out and says he will accept the stipulations of Randy Savages contract . He says he would put up his wife , girlfriend or just about anything to get a world title shot.


I believe he does come back and say the bout must be a no disqualification match though..


Need to check my audio , but I believe he wrestles Ricki Starr and gets disqualified ; showing how much he can accomplish given the match stipulations.

May 30 1981


This is show right after the hair vs. the belt challenge interview from Randy Savage. The ring girl is Ricki Nelson; and it looks like the mother daughter combo are face on side of the ring, at the extreme left. Mixed women looks like she missed these two TV tapings. There is a black girl at the extreme right on the not face on side of the ring . Also a person in an Addidas shirt on that side .There is only one row of chairs for the two shows. Back wears a black tie(not solid) with a brown jacket for these two tapings; I believe Back wore the same jacket for both shows.


The second bout of the day is Jeff Sword facing Bill Martin from Shelbyville Kentucky at 205 pounds . Izzy talks at the desk during the bout, and Sword has the United States Belt with him during the introductions. Emmett Couch is the ref for this bout.


Randy Savage interview from his house . I have this interview with Spanish overdub, but can’t hear a lot of what Randy Says . The mini Prophet is there, along with Steve Cooper and Crusher Broomfield. The interview ends with “get outta my house”. Steve Cooper told me the mini Prophet in these interviews were his son, I am not sure of his age then or now just a bit of ICW trivia for you.


The Destroyer facing Ricki Cook. For some reason Ricki Cook looks a lot like the referee Jim Davis (not Emmett Couch or Randy Vaughn, the frizzy haired one).The destroyer is in a full white body suit with a white mask with a red D on it. The Destroyer quickly takes control via superior strength and does the big elbow from the second rope onto Cook. If I’m not mistaken Izzy Slapowitz is at the desk ; and the Destroyer intentionally leaves out the front door of the TV studio( the door leading to the front entryway of channel 36  instead of crossing paths with Slapowitz.


Inside ICW with Bob Roop interviewing Lanny and George Weingeroff , They talk about the possibility of the loaded elbow pad , and also the fireball Izzy used.




June 13 1981

This episode is on my tape # 1322 but the picture quality is total crap. The audio is also just barely there, so we’re running on fumes on my account of this show. There are not too many people in the audience about 16 with one row on each side with 8 people in each row. There is a real cute young boy about 6 years old on the face on side of the viewing.


Bob Orton Jr. against Bill Martin. I believe Bob Orton Jr. is not television champion on this show (which would place it after the June 13 loss to Roop in Woodlawn Illinois.).Bob wins a fairly competitive bout and gives an interview after the match. He talks about Crusher Broomfield “being ready”. Not sure what he means by this?


Ronnie Garvin vs. Bob Stabler; Stabler makes the giant mistake of jumping Ronnie prior to Ronnie being totally ready for the bout. He gets a slight advantage, but Ronnie quickly recovers. He eventually tortures Stabler bringing a plastic chair into the ring. He lands several knees across the throat. He states he is getting ready for Randy Savage and the no disqualification match up.


Pistol Pez against Doug Vines. The other members of the Devils Duo are there (Izzy and Jeff Sword). It appears some how Rip Rogers interferes and wrestles Pez by himself for a while. The Jeff Sword recovers and they get a two on one going for a while.


Rick Starr faces Ric McCord. Bob Roop is at the announcers’ desk for this bout. I’m pretty sure Ric McCord prevailed.


Leaping Lanny against Ray Stewart. Ray is kind of dressed like a cowboy with a black vest and a black hat. Lanny takes him with the sleeper hold.


June 20 1981

 First show where boy scouts sat on the front row of the audience.

No house show dates or promos; this is Spanish overdub from Puerto Rico broadcast


Video is shown of the devil’s Duo losing to George Weingeroff and Lanny in Owenton Kentucky on June 15 1981.


Bob Orton Jr. takes on The Great Tio with the winner getting a TV title shot next week. Orton is distracted by Roop at ringside and ends up getting pinned by Tio.


Ronnie Garvin vs. Ira Reese.


Chief Tapu against Rip Rogers.


Will elaborate on details of matches later and add to site.

June 27 1981

The boy scouts fill the studio audience for this set of tapings.


Ronnie Garvin vs. John Gaynes. Garvin wins in a controlling fashion. Love Gaynes trunks which say “ show and tell” on the backside.


Bob Orton Jr. vs. Ira Reese. Orton controls the bout and wins . The fans are acting like Orton is a face and cheering him . Orton wants Crusher to jump onto Ira Reese and punish him after the pinfall , but Crusher stalls and doesn’t do it. Suddenly Randy Savage appears in the Destroyer white outfit and hits Orton with the double axe handle off the top rope .Then The Great Tio joins into the beating .Ronnie Garvin and Bob Roop save Orton ,with all six men doing battle in the ring. Orton and Garvin clean house with Roop looking dazed. Garvin and Orton do the famous blind “ back to back bump” similar to what Hogan and Savage did in 1986 and look at each other as if to say “what the heck are we doing helping each other” .


Television title bout The Great Tio challenges Bob Roop. The Destroyer interferes on the concrete floor  after about 13 minutes  and pile drives Roop. This must have been Randy Savage as Orton Jr. was turning to a face and it was a white guy who does the pile driver.


Pistol Pez whatley interview . He says things are going to get interesting around the ICW and he is going to be more "pistol like". Says he’s gonna be bad….


July 11 1981


July 11 1981


This info was derived from Louisville Channel 41 show tape and has promos for Lexington –Louisville area .The show intro has the old International All Star clips which the group had shown back in most of 1980.The two goofy guys sit on the face on side of the audience (which is set up with two rows there). Mixed woman is in right section at extreme right chair. There is one row of seats on that side. The guy in the number 81 shirt sits on the face on side of the ring.

I believe this is the first television taping after Bob Roop left the area for Mid South Watts promotion.


Start of show with John Back and Apache Lou. It is noted Steve Cooper is at the television studio and wants time to serve papers to Ronnie Garvin in reference to the loss at Henry Clay High School on June 18th with the stipulation of Garvin hair was up versus Savages belt.

Apache Lou wants a bout with Savage as shows his finger which was

Town run down for area. Savage and Crusher Broomfield promo on the #3 for the three towns featured Lexington (July 23 1981) , Louisville and Frankfort Kentucky.

Next is an interview with Bob Orton Jr at desk with John Back. Footage is shown of recent week where The Destroyer attacked Orton Jr after his bout with Ira Reese. Crusher (who was at ringside with Bob Orton Jr ) also helps The Destroyer and a melee breaks out. Garvin and Bob Roop  come in also and Tio also is with the heels and the infamous back to back bump between Orton Jr and Ronnie is the end result. They don’t leave as friends but there seems to be a respect between the two that wasn’t there before.

The Great Tio defends television title against Bob Stabler. Tio manhandles Stabler and wins with the Cobra hold.


Apache Lou vs. Dan Burdick. Apache Lou prevails with Indian death lock leg hold .

Promo with Blondes (Rogers , Starr)

Next is the Inside ICW segment Ronnie Garvin Steve Cooper confrontation. Cooper claims Ronnie must get his head shaved as per the terms of the contract. Garvin states contract didn’t say he (Cooper) would interfere. Garvin explains if he would have lost fair and square he would have honored it.

Video is shown of Randy Savage and Crusher Broomfield coming out about 20 minutes after Coopers head was shaved and carry him away like a trash heap. Garvin explains they don’t care about him and he doesn’t matter to them.

Garvin further explains about Wee Willie being in a hospital because Randy Savage did the elbow and on him and he needed surgery. He states Randy Savage cares about no one.

A photo of Wee Willie in a wheelchair is shown and audio is put over the picture with Willie telling Garvin how much he wants him to beat Savage for the ICW belt. Garvin explains Willie is a real man as he never looked for help from anyone .

Cooper gets emotional and says he must think about the situation after Garvin tells him about Wee Willie and leaves the TV studio.

Promo Lanny and Weingeroff about Pez Whatley not being a good tag partner.


Ronnie Garvin versus Ricki Starr. Starr and Rip Rogers haven’t officially formed the Convertible Blondes yet here on television I believe. Nothing is noted by John Back about the team . Garvin wrestles basically scientifically and pins Starr with a back slide.


Following this is Bob Orton Jr and Crusher Broomfield at John Backs desk.


Bob Orton wrestles Ron Strunk Somerset Kentucky and Crusher is instructed to take notes at ringside to learn. Orton wrestles a clean match and the fans cheer him as he beats Strunk with no cheating. Orton receives unanimous approval from the TV audience.


Close of show; Steve Cooper is talking to John Back. Cooper claims he didn’t know about Willie and his injury and needs time to clear his head about everything. Randy Savage suddenly storms the set getting in Coopers face. His shirt is bright yellow and has the slogan “get outta my house” on it referring to the interviews her did leading up to the match of the century bout.

Savage indicates he has Garvin where he wants him and he must pursue legal actions. Savage takes Coopers sunglasses forcibly off Steve‘s nose and breaks them plus throws them on the ground. Cooper gets fired up and rips up the contract and papers suing Garvin saying “have some confetti’ to Randy. Randy quickly gets Cooper in a strong headlock and takes him to the ground. Crusher Broomfield appears and exerts his weight on Savage getting him to release Cooper. Cooper wanders around area acting like his neck is really hurt. Crusher then sits on Randy keeping him at bay. Savage escapes but is pissed off severely. Randy leaves the area quickly.


Bob Orton Jr. appears and gets on him for not punishing Randy Savage. Orton says you should never let an opponent up once you have him down.


Pez Whatley at close of show saying things are going to get interesting. This is priming his turn on Lanny in Lexington but it hasn’t occurred yet in detail on TV.


July 18 1981

July 18 1981

Intro of show John Back gives matches and explains Randy Savage to be here to wrestle for first time in 6 months .Other matches are detailed with

Tio vs. Ricki Cook- No one is at desk with Back which is unusual for the promotion.Tio by camel clutch

Savage Crusher local promo - awesome

Weingeroff vs. Dan Burdick. It is noted George just returned from a successful tournament in Puerto Rico and he is current tag US Champion with Lanny again.

Apache Lou vs. Bob Stabler

Rip Rogers vs. Ron Strunk

Crusher Broomfield and Bob Orton Jr over Tapu and Bob Stabler. This I believe was Tapu’s first TV bout in the area and they let him control the action for a while to show he is a top competitor. Once Stabler gets a tag it is over fairly quickly.

Convertible Blondes promo

Savage vs. Bill Martin : The champion enters to “Fame” Randy wears his gold robe with sunglasses and details to John Back that he has info for the viewing audience after bout. Randy wrestles in the light blue 3 star trunks .

Savage beats Bill Martin in long bout. Martin gives a good accounting of himself and Randy seems of his game after the incident last week with Crusher embarrassing him by pinning him on the concrete floor by sitting on him .

Savage has Crusher kiss his feet and state there is nothing Crusher could beat Randy at and that he didn’t pin him down last week.

Also Randy states Steve Cooper is out of his mind.

Garvin Weingeroff promo

Garvin and John Back interview. Garvin explains the events of last week where Crusher essentially man handled Randy Savage at the TV studio and pinned him down after Randy roughed up his manager Steve Cooper.

Garvin – Crusher Broomfield bout from Lexington Ky on July 2 1981 is shown . Bout is no contest with neither man wanting to give up. Many wrestlers (mostly jobbers) try to keep them apart but can’t separate the two combatants.

Pez again at close of show in new threads saying theirs gonna be some changes.








July 25 1981

Video form Louisville WDRB feed with local promos of Louisville , Frankfort and Lexington house show

Mother daughter act as ring girls for this show and take the costumes off of the wrestlers after the introductions.Large crowd on hand with rows being two deep on both sides of the view.

Details of the matches of the show are related with several good bouts for the event. Expiration of time main event featuring Rip Rogers and Leaping Lanny plus a TV Title match with Champ The Great Tio facing George Weingeroff.

John Back wears a light camel colored suit and opens the show with Randy Savage and Pez Whatley along with Crusher Broomfield. Randy sports cool denim cut off shirt with the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals logos on it. Randy says Pez is his new brother and Crusher must kiss his feet in a show of unity. Crusher begrudgingly does the deed.

Randy then brings up the subject of Izzy Slapowitz and what happened to him. Randy elaborates The Destroyer and he took out Izzy and the Destroyer collected the $2000 bounty that Randy had offered on Slapowitz. They show a video ; looks like a high school hallway where it occurs. Savage along with the Destroyer ( this time Pez) get Izzy down and he looks like he's in big trouble. They cut off the picture and Randy elaborates that they took him out and he paid on the $2000 bounty.

After a break George Weingeroff is at the desk with John Back. They show highlights of the July 2 1981 match in Lexington for the belt between George and Randy Savage. Randy ends up pinning George but George made a good showing for himself.

The first match of the day is George Weingeroff vs. The Great Tio. Not sure if this was a television title match .Pez is at the announcers’ desk and provides comments. Tio is 262 pounds from the isle of Samoa, George 225 from Indianapolis Indiana.

Tony Falk facing Crusher Broomfield. Crusher is announced as hailing from Chicago Illinois. Randy Savage and Pez Whatley do not accompany Crusher at ringside. Tony gets a little offence in against the big man .

A taped interview with The Miser. He is announced as returning to the ICW after a lengthy absence. Wants to save money and wrestle Garvin , Tapu and Apache Lou.

Ronnie Garvin vs. Elsie Edwards. He is a small guy hailing from St Louis Missouri. The frizzy headed referee is in charge for this match up. It last all of 1 minute and 32 seconds with a backslide pin. Garvin works a little stiff with this guy and I bet the jobber was ready for his paycheck as soon as he saw Angelo in the back.

Ronnie Garvin on inside ICW with John Back and Ronnie elaborates on Pez Whatley and his new friendship with Randy Savage. He says he won’t bother Pez as long as Pez doesn’t cross paths with him. He also goes into Wee Willie and his admiration of the little gut and his heart. He states he has a large hospital bill he incurred from the elbows Randy Savage gave him. He says he will give the address next week where the fans can send money directly to the hospital to help pay Willies bill. He also says he will collect donations at the arenas to put towards his debt.

Video is shown of Crusher B facing the bear in Frankfort Kentucky and it is a fairly even bout. Garvin talks over this footage and states Randy Savage must have something really bad on Crusher to get him to kiss his feet.

The subsequent bout on the show is Pistol Pez facing Ron Strunk. Pez wins with a power slam followed by the three count. This may have been one of Strunk’s first bouts on the ICW television show.

An arena clip of Steve Cooper facing Apache Lou from Lexington Kentucky on July 2 1981 is shown for the audience. Lou wins with his leg lock hold as Steve submits.

Randy Savage and Pez Whatley promo as new buddies

The expiration of time match is Lanny Poffo wrestling Rip Rogers. Lanny wins the first fall with the sleeper hold, and they start a second fall. Ricki Starr tries to interfere in first fall.

ICW Wrestling News with town run down . Frankfort with World title bout for Chief Tapu and Ladies Mud Match. Lebanon Ky

Ronnie Garvin and Mighty Cupid promo with Ronnie Garvin in front of picture of his airplane.

End of show has Pez, Crusher and Tio with his TV Title belt at the desk with John Back


August 2 1981

810802 ICW TV show description

John Back wears a checked suit and there is a very large studio audience. Mixed woman is on the face on side of the audience, just left of the right turn buckle. This is the show immediately after Crusher had to kiss Pez Whatley’s feet. Ronnie Garvin starts out the show talking about how he has info on Crusher and his relationship with Savage and Pez. He said they indicated they had given Crusher the day off, but that was not the case and he would elaborate on the information later.

First bout of the day is a tag match between jobbers Bill Martin and Richard Felix and Pez Whatley and Randy Savage. The frizzy headed referee officiates the match with the heels taking the decision is 4:30.

An interview with the Miser is next.

Savage and Pez are together at the desk with John Back. They talk about how they are "together baby" and that Crusher has been real good.

The second bout of the day is Ronnie Garvin facing Jerry Anderson. I always imagined Anderson as an employee at Channel 36 (where they did the TV tapings in Lexington) who they grabbed to work whenever they were a man or two short. He just didn’t look the part of a worker; but I did see him advertised to work a house show once in Frankfort iirc. The frizzy haired ref works the match up and Garvin takes the match in two minutes with some kind of leg hold where Anderson submits.

Then Garvin talks about Wee Willie and why he throws his hat out to the audience in honor of him.

Lanny comes out to the desk and they show a clip of Randy Savage wrestling Apache Lou in Lexington on Thursday July 23 1981. Lou was giving Randy a good bout and I believe they were both counted outside the ring for a no decision. They wrestled on a Lou got Randy in the leg lock he uses a finisher. Then The Destroyer (Pez) and Tio interfere .Lanny comments how he hoped Lou could beat Randy and take the title; saying someone needs to put it all together one night against Randy for a victory.

The Great Tio wrestles Ron Strunk in the ring next.Tio succeeds with the cobra hold for the win.

Next is a video of the match from Frankfort Kentucky which occurred just recently on July 8 1981. They had a new referee for this bout with dark brown long hair. This referee seemed to favor the two Blondes Rip and Ricki Starr and not notice when they were doing illegal activities; and didn’t count when Lanny or George had a cover. Finally The Blondes had a cover and an extremely quick count was done for a victory. Immediately after the bout George and Lanny got in the ref’s face and question him about the quick count and he didn’t want to face them. He stayed in the ring as the Blondes left the area celebrating with the tag team belts. Finally Lanny threatened to hit the referee and did. This dislodged his wig which was dark brown and exposed Gary Royal as the referee. He quickly ran to the dressing room with his blonde partners and they were excited about being the new tag team champs. Lanny and George Weingeroff wrestling Rip Rogers and Ricki Starr.


The last match of the day is George Weingeroff and Chief Tapu facing The Convertible Blondes. I think the Blondes have the United Tag belts with them in the ring as this was just after the injustice in Frankfort.

August 1 1981

810801 ICW TV SHOW description video

This episode starts out with a prerecorded interview with John Back and Ronnie Garvin . They are at the tv studio and the ring is set up , but there are no fans in the area. There is a large box with the initials CB on it and it sits beside the announcers desk . Garvin goes into an explanation about what is a CB. He states it stands for Canadian Bumblebee, and that in Canada the bees are really large.

August 22 1981

810822 ICW TV show description video available

This is the second show where the Wallace brothers announced the show for the Poffo’s. Edgar does most of the talking on this show; as Andre yelled too much on the first show. There is a dead ringer for John Candy in the face on side of the television shot; he sits two seats in from the left ring post. He is very animated and plays up to the camera. Randy Savage opens the show with them and is talking about.

The first match of the day is Steve Cooper facing Hoot Gibson .This is a decent match and Hoot wins via the sunset flip.

Next is an interview with Chief Tapu which is interrupted by Randy Savage. They show the recent bout in Frankfort Kentucky on August 5 1981 between the two foes for the world title. Tapu was putting up a good fight against Randy; who had the prophet in his corner in the black waterproof robe. No idea who this was or who the promotion wanted you to think it was, as Cooper had definitely split with Randy Savage at this juncture. They fought on the ring apron exchanging forearm smashes while the ref counted to the twenty count. The Prophet grabs Tapu from behind, as Tapu flipped Randy back into the ring over the top rope. Tapu was not in the ring when the ref got to his twenty count, and he was counted out stopping the bout.

Next is about with The Convertible Blondes facing Chief Tapu and Chuck Edwards. The heels take the match in three minutes and 23 seconds. In this particular match up the two wrestling were Rip Rogers and Gary Royal, with Ricki Starr working the outside?

A handicap match up with Blackie Guzman and Frank Ruiz facing Leaping Lanny where Lanny must pin both men to get the victory.Lanny gets one of the in the sleeper then drops him to the canvas before he gets the submission on him. Then he wrestles the other and also gets him in the sleeper, while his partner is groggy on the other side of the ring. After the one is declared submitted , Lanny goes outside the ring and propels himself like a missile over the top rope and gets the three count on .Gary Royal is at ringside and protests there is no way Lanny could beat both the Blondes.

The next bout is television title match up with The Great Tio facing Ronnie Garvin.

September 12 1981

This is the infamous “ Ms Macho Man” contest episode. Show was derived from my ICW masters tape and is first show on this tape. Video quality is sharp, with no house show promos; but has channel 36 taping info before show starts with episode number 95 and lists the taping date of September 10 1981 and the director etc.


Start of show with Tim Tyler announcing. He is accompanied by Steve Cooper, who is announced as being a special troubleshooting referee. He has been appointed by the ICW to keep the action clean especially the antics of Pistol Pez Whatley and Randy Savage. A run down of the matches is read with the first bout given as Pez Whatley versus Hoot Gibson.

For some reason Pez Whatley is a no show for the opening bout. Winner by forfeit is Hoot Gibson.

Next up is an interview with Ric Zarta at the desk. Andre Wallace is there also but doesn’t say anything at all …? Zarta talks about wanting a television title shot at the Great Tio. Tio storms onto the scene and calls Zarta a “little boy “   and Zarta wants to go to the ring now. The two men settle down and action is restored before the first actual bout of the day.

George Weingeroff versus Elias Nick. Nick is hailing from the Carolina Islands (I have no idea where that is) and listed as 300 pounds. On my ICW masters tape this bout isn’t on there, but on another icw tape it is in its entirety. Weingeroff wins easily via the.



George goes to the announcers’ desk and talks to Tim Tyler. They show video of a no disqualification bout from Frankfort Kentucky on Wednesday September 2 1981 for the television title between Tio and George. They battle for awhile and eventually the referee gets knocked out and George gets a pinfall cover on Tio. He pins him for about 6 seconds, but George gets up to find out why the ref wasn’t counting. While checking on the ref, Tio hits George in the throat with a chop and puts him into the cobra hold. George fights his way outside of the ring, but Tio still retains the hold on him. Eventually, Bill Martin and Ron Strunk try to break Tio away from George, but Tio works the jobbers over pretty easily. Finally Lanny Poffo and Ronnie Garvin come to ringside and get Tio to leave the area. George states he wants another shot at Tio, to avenge his brother Eric’s beating in August of 1981 in Frankfort also.


It is announced by Tim Tyler that next week on television The Great Tio will defend his television title against Ric Zarta.

Next bout is the Convertible Blondes versus Chief Tapu and Bill Martin; all three Blondes are at ringside. Ricki Starr is acting as the manager, with Gary Royal in his blue robe. Steve Cooper again is acting as the ref for this bout. The match up is pretty even for bout six minutes, and then Ricki Starr gets caught grabbing the foot of Tapu as he is shot into the ropes. Cooper signals for a disqualification, with the Blondes complaining vigorously into the break.

Here is Ms Macho man introduction by Ronnie Garvin and Lanny:




September 19 1981


This is the show after the Miss Macho Man episode. Tim Tyler announces.


Video is shown of a six man tag bout with Garvin Lanny and Crusher Broomfield (under the guise of The Canadian Bumble Bee) at an arena facing Savage, Tio and Pez. There also is the midget (Marvin Curtis) dressed up as a bee also.


Eventually faces take control and get a three on one in the ring against Pez. They take shaving crème and cover him totally over his body.


Television title matches The Great Tio versus Ric Zarta. Tio wins with the cobra hold.


Pez Whatley against Dallas Young.



Randy Savage interview with Tim Tyler. Brenda Britton is there and I believe she has been announced as Miss Macho man already. She has pictures of Lanny Poffo and Ronnie Garvin in her possession. Randy expects her to tear up these pictures and make them into confetti, but she ends up kissing them behind his back instead.Randy turns arround quickly when the audience is laughing and Randy gets pissed and grabs her by the head of hair. He drags her around for awhile. This really infuriated the wrestling viewers as Savage went way over the line with this sequence.


The Destroyer vs. Ron Strunk.


The Miser vs. Elias Nick


Will add more details as I watch and retype up information.



November 7 1981

811107 ICW TV SHOW description video available

These shows are easy to date as their are several unique aspects of this TV taping. The biggest note is the appearance of Ernie The Cat Ladd and Chief Jerry Eagle on these shows. The television show I have was derived from being shown in Florida on television.

The last match of the day is an of time television bout with The Convertible Blondes facing George Weingeroff and Ric Zarta. Dale Edwards is the referee for the match; the Blondes wrestling here are Ric Starr and Rip Rogers . Gary Royal is still sporting the white hockey mask as he stated his nose was broken by Lanny Poffo from a punch .The match is fats paced and goes to a time expiration no decision after 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

There is an ad for the 1982 ICW calendar . Edgar Wallace talks about the item which is $2.00 plus shipping and handling certainly a bargain even by 1981 standards.

The ending of the show has the Miser talking with the two announcers. He talks about how he has been granted a Southeastern title bout with Ronnie Garvin and Pistol Pez and Ernie Ladd need to be patient and wait for their opportunity. Edgar states Pez could just issue a challenge to anyone in the promotion to get his opportunity so why doesn’t he do it?

November 14 1981

These shows are easy to date as their are several unique aspects of this TV taping. The biggest note is the appearance of Ernie The Cat Ladd and Chief Jerry Eagle on these shows. The television show I have was derived from being shown in Florida on television. The mother of mother-daughter duo serves as the ring girl for these shows also.


The show starts with George Weingeroff at the desk talking about the Convertible Blondes and the situation there. He explains about their desire to have two referees in charge of the next title bout, which George says they will honor.


Pez Whatley comes out to the announcers’ desk after  a break. They show the bout in Lexington recently between himself and Ric Zarta. Pez controls the match and eventually injures his foes leg. He continues to work the leg kicking it, stomping it for several minutes. Finally the ref stops the bout as Pez is relentless in his attack on the leg.


Pez is all worked up at the podium and has the first match of the day in the television studio. He gets to work Jerry Eagle and prevails quickly with the head butt and a cover.


Next is an interview with Gary Royal about the current tag belt scenario. The match from up from Lexington October 25 1981 at Henry Clay High School is shown. They had that bright yellow ring canvas cover for that show; it provides a great picture for the tapings of the matches. They show where one referee gets injured and Lanny puts the sleeper on one of the Blondes . At the same time George atomic drops the other and covers him , the referee wakes up and counts the three count on the Blondes and the champs prevail . But Gary Royal says they would have won if there were two referees, so that’s what they need for the next title match.

The next item is an interview with Randy Savage and Tim Tyler. Ms. Macho Man is there with Randy and the topic is if Crusher Broomfield should get a world title shot. Randy of course says no.

Coincidently, they show this interview just before the next bout …. This is Crusher Broomfield against Don Herbert. Crusher is really worked up from Randy’s comments and tears a new a$$ into the jobber. The announcers make note of Crusher’s brutality during the match.

Next is one of a series of videos they did on Ronnie Garvin and some of his opponents from the past. This week they show a match of Mr. Knoxville (Garvin under the hood) tackling Big Joe Leduc from 1977.Garvin really uses all the tools to manhandle the big Canadian and it is quite a match. Then Garvin has a bout in the TV studio against Ric Link. Link Rick was quite an underrated performer who lost a good bit of weight in the 80’s and achieved a decent career. Garvin really scientifically destroys the much larger opponent showing his all around skills as a grappler.

Inside ICW with Pez Whatley, Ernie The Cat Ladd and Willie Monroe. Tim Tyler talks to these three black men and Pez comments he has been held down by the promotion.




The next match up is the Convertible Blondes facing Chief Tapu and Ric Zarta.

I need to watch this show again as I have the complete episode and can add more details later for this show.


Here is video of the bout









This bout is from this show Ronnie Garvin over Ric Link... also known as Sir Rickton Link





December 5 1981

This show has a schedualed television title match between Ronnie Garvin and champion the Great Tio . It is a no disqulification bout. For some reason Ronnie doesn't show up at the studio and The Miser is awarded the match with Tio. It is a match up where Tio controls the bout most of the action;however Ronnie eventually enters the tv studio from the front door with a large suitcase in hand. He promptly lays out Tio ; along with Pez Whatley who also tries to interfere. Garvin does the knee to the throat of Tio off of the top rope; which allows The Miser to cover Tio and collect the three count and claim the television title.

The action continues in the ring with Ronnie wrestling the two heels one on two. He actually is doing quite well with Pez helpless in the corner. Tio returns to the ring quickly with a lead pipe and rams the lower back of Ronnie. Garvin is subdued and thrashed repeatedly with the weapon for about two minutes until Weingeroff and Lanno Poffo come to his aid. In this process Lanny is also hammered with a shot to the shoulder with the pipe.

An earlier bout had the Convertible Blondes ( all three) facing Roy Bates( from Harlan Kentucky ) and two other pals. The Blondes prevailed.

December 12 1981

December 12 1981

All promos on commercials are referencing the Illinois dates April 10 1982 and April 24 1982. These shows were taped from broadcasts in these metro areas (which I believe the group hadn’t promoted previously) so much hype is given to the arrival of the new brand of pro wrestling ICW is and its main stars (Savage, Lanny, Tio, Pez, and even one with Ox Baker.

Opening of the show with The Miser at the desk, Tim Tyler (dark suit) and Edgar Wallace (light beige coat). He is glowing in the heat of winning the Television title from the Great Tio on the last show. He talks about Ronnie Garvin and his injury in the match up. He comments on his patience and his many weeks of being in stand by matches and how it paid off for him in the long run.

The first bout is a singles attraction with bad Pez Whatley facing Roy Bates, who is listed as 195 pounds from Harlan Kentucky. Not sure who this ring girl is but she looks kind of homely.Pez wins quickly and runs his mouth about pipe dreams and the number they did on Ronnie Garvin last week. A tape is shown of the incident with Tio losing to The Miser and the subsequent beating of Garvin.

Video promo with Apache Lou referencing the beating Jerry Eagle; Indian wrestler: received from Tio and Pez Whatley. He challenges them to an Indian strap match his specialty and states he has never lost this type of bout.


Second match of the day has Apache Lou tackling Ricki Starr. Starr is accompanied by Gary Royal at ringside. Blood is still evident on the ring surface from the bloody event last week where Garvin was pulverized by the lead pipe. Apache Lou dominates the action; all three blondes interfere with George Weingeroff and Rick Zarta entering shortly thereafter to save and even up the odds.


A video is shown with Rick Zarta talking over the action. Zarta loses to Ricki Starr (in my opinion an upset).


Third bout of the show has Crusher Broomfield wrestling Cowboy Young. Crusher wins with a piledriver, I believe.

Inside ICW segment with Lanny Poffo and Tim Tyler. They air a taped conversation with Ronnie Garvin and Tim Tyler; Garvin says he is ok and needs to recuperate for a few weeks. Lanny says Garvin is much worse off then he lets on and shows a photo of Garvin‘s back with sub hematoma or bleeding under the skin in the tissue.

At the desk Tim and Edgar are notified of the promotions decision on the vacated United States Tag Team belts: a random partner tournament will fill these at an arena shortly. Details to be expanded upon by promoter George Weingeroff later.

Second Inside ICW profile with Rip Rogers. This is prerecorded and has Edgar Wallace and Rip talking about the Volunteer physique contest which was in Athens Tennessee on November 14 1981. Rip won third and Randy second in this event; Randy also won the “most muscular” pose in the show. They both comment on what a great showing this is for the promotions athletes. Rip also jaws about the US Tag belts and how the Blondes were ripped off unlike Savage and Rip Rogers; who won and were awarded for their efforts.

Fourth match of the day is Rip Rogers against Rocky Armstrong who is 207 pounds from Morristown Tennessee. Not a bad looking jobber but he doesn’t last long in the match. Gary Royal is at the desk with commentary during the action and elaborates about the bad decision George Weingeroff has made regarding the tournament and the fact The Blondes most likely will not be teammates in the event.


ICW news promo about Rip Rogers coming to Illinois for the April shows.


Close of show with Crusher Broomfield and two announcers. Crusher talks about all Ronnie Garvin has done for him and they show the lead pipe beating again.


December 19 1981

December 19 1981


All promos on commercials are referencing the Illinois dates April 10 1982 and April 24 1982. These shows were taped from broadcasts in these metro areas (which I believe the group hadn’t promoted previously) so much hype is given to the arrival of the new brand of pro wrestling ICW is and its main stars (Savage, Lanny, Tio, Pez, and even one with Ox Baker.

The ICW banners sits on the wall on the face on audience side and there are 3 rows of fans in attendance. They are all corralled to this one television shot; the face on view I call it.

Opening of show with Convertible Blondes talking to announcers. Edgar and Tim Tyler both wear dark black or charcoal jackets. They announce that Ronnie Garvin is to be in attendance today on the show after his recent injury.


First bout is Lanny Poffo versus jobber Chuck Mazerelli. Chuck is hailing from Springfield Illinois and weighs 216 pounds. The ring girl is the unattractive women; I believe the same chick as the last taping. A quick pin fall as Lanny wins with a dropkick and his frog splash in the ring.


Promo for Illinois arena matches on the commercial break. Randy Savage and Brenda Britton; who looks pretty thin and good here are hyping the upcoming tour of Illinois.

The next segment is Inside ICW with George Weingeroff. He gives total explanation of the tag team US Tournament and how it works. He says this will entice wrestlers from all around the world to come and try to capture the belts given the random pairings.


Commercial again about Illinois tour. Lanny interviewed by woman; possibly his wife, saying Randy Savage will have to do title defense in the Illinois state.


Second bout is six man tag of the Convertible Blondes facing Chief Tapu, Bill Martin and Crusher Broomfield. I believe this is announced as an expiration of time match with the team winning the most falls being the victors. It is noted this is the first television match for Gary Royal since he had his nose broken by Lanny many weeks back.

First fall goes to faces as Crusher pins Gary Royal in the heels corner after some good action.

Second fall is won by The Blondes as Gary Royal pins Tapu after a snap suplex.


In between the first two falls a promo with Apache Lou airs noting his situation with Pez Whatley and The Great Tio. The put a hurting on Chief Jerry Eagle and Apache Lou wants revenge.


Big Jim Wilson is shown in a taped promo. He talks about his past and wanting completion in the area. For some reason I don’t think he wrestled any matches in this time frame; either an old tape shown by Angelo or they couldn’t agree on a booking fee. Believe me if Wilson worked for free I still don’t think the fans would get their monies worth. Yes, he was that poor a worker, one notch above George Gulas.





December 26 1981

December 26 1981

All promos on commercials are referencing the Illinois dates April 10 1982 and April 24 1982. These shows were taped from broadcasts in these metro areas (which I believe the group hadn’t promoted previously) so much hype is given to the arrival of the new brand of pro wrestling ICW is and its main stars (Savage, Lanny, Tio, Pez, and even one with Ox Baker.

The ICW banners sits on the wall on the face on audience side and there are 2 rows of fans in attendance. They are all corralled to this one television shot; the from row isn’t full as there are three empty slots at the right of the view.

Opening of show with promoter George Weingeroff talking to announcers. Edgar and Tim Tyler both wear jackets. They announce that Weingeroff is suffering from a broken jaw today on the show. He should be out 6-8 weeks after his recent injury. He was injured originally in about facing Rip Rogers, then the real hurt came in a match against Pez Whatley. I spoke with George about this once and he said it was a complete accident involving Pez and that Pez was one of those guys who didn’t realize how strong he actually was sometimes.

The announcers state that Crusher Broomfield’s sister who had leukemia just past away recently. Not sure about the validity of this info; I just report the action on the shows fans.


First bout is Lanny Poffo versus up and comer Ron Strunk. Strunk is hailing from Sommerset Kentucky and weighs pounds. The ring girl is the unattractive women; I believe the same chick as the last taping. A quick pin fall as Lanny wins with a dropkick and his frog splash in the ring.


Promo for Illinois arena matches on the commercial break.


A history according to the ICW and Ronnie Garvin is provided on the lineage of the Southeastern heavyweight championship belt. Sure misses a lot of the title changes I’ve read about in Fuller’s territory in the 1977-1979 time frame. (Eric laughs under his breath).

Bill Martin is awarded the ICW rookie of the year for 1981 form the announcers. He is given an expensive plaque recognizing this fact. The past winners are listed and it is recognized he beat Ric McCord two times ( before he left to wrestle for Jerry Jarrett). Also the name of Danny Doyle is vocalized and how Doyle was injured by Randy Savage and put in this hospital before he left the ICW.


Next bout features Martin wrestling Ricki Starr of the Blondes. Martin wins and I will add details later.

The next segment is Inside ICW with George Weingeroff. He gives total explanation of the tag team US Tournament and how it works. He says this will entice wrestlers from all around the world to come and try to capture the belts given the random pairings.


Commercial again about Illinois tour.


Randy Savage wrestles Chief Tapu. Thier is no Brenda Britton at ringside for the bout. Randy styles his America Red white and blue robe and headband combo. Good match as Randy wins with the recently legalized pile driver. Now if California can only get marijuana we’ll have everything we need in life.


Here is video of above bout. And marajuana is legal in California now!!




Commercial again about Illinois tour.



On Inside ICW is the next bout a prerecorded tag match of the Convertible Blondes facing Chief Tapu and Rick Zarta. Gary Royal shouts over the action

The fall goes to the Blondes as Gary Royal pins Chief Tapu in the middle of the ring after some good action. Rogers was being chased around the ring by Rick Zarta; possibly a 40 yard dash match was contemplated by Angelo after viewing this bout.

But the overall notification of this interview is that Ricki Starr has chosen to withdraw from the three man team of the Blondes. He will pursue a singles career (along the lines of John Lennon, David Cassidy etc) and his first big bout will be next week on television. He has been granted a Southeastern title match facing Ronnie Garvin for all the world to see. Starr actually talks to announcer Tim Tyler about his shot and thinks he’s hit the big time.


Footage is shown at the desk of Crusher Broomfield facing Ernie Ladd in November 1981.Pez comments about the bout.

Tag team bout with The Great Tio and Pez wrestling Rick Zarta and Ricky Cook. This is a television time remaining match and the team with the most falls wins. Vegas has the faces as 100 to 1 that they capture a fall; I’ll book that action myself. Tio gets the cobra hold on Ricky Cook and its over, Cook actually didn’t get totally wiped out and had some offense for short spurts in the bout.








January 2 1982

January 2 1982


The ICW banners sits on the wall on the face on audience side and there are 2 rows of fans in attendance. They are all corralled to this one television shot; the front row isn’t full as there are three empty slots at the right of the view.


Only bout with info on from this show is Southeastern title match between Ronnie Garvin and Ricki Starr. Match is 30 minute time limit. Garvin is still favoring his back severely; and about every other offensive move he makes ends up hurting him more than his opponent. Garvin wins in a good 20 minute match.


Video is shown of the Sheik eating fire in a locker room.


Match up of The Sheik wrestling (if you can call it that) Chief Tapu from Lexington in December is shown. Sheik wins and beats Tapu from pillar to post after the pin fall.






January 9 1982

January 9 1982

The ICW banners sits on the wall on the face on audience side and there are tons of fans in attendance. They are all over the studio with three sides of the audience jammed packed. Possibly the largest crowd ever to gather for a TV taping; I’m guessing this was taped December 31 1981 and all the yahoo’s had nothing to do as it was Christmas break and they hadn’t started partying for New Years eve yet.


One bout with info on from this show is TV title match between The Miser and Chief Tapu. Match is 15 minute time limit. Miser is defending the belt for the first time in the studio since capturing it about a month back. Angelo under the mask wins in a good 5 minute match. His finishing move was the neck breaker he frequently used.


Great tag team action as Tio and Pez tackle Ronnie Garvin and Crusher Broomfield. Lanny Poffo provides commentary at the desk. Two freak pins as Garvin wins two pin falls under unusual circumstances. On the first Tio stumbled backwards and tripped over Pez and was quickly covered for the three count by Ronnie.


The end of the show has Garvin and Crusher at the desk talking about upcoming cage bouts with Tio and Pez. Garvin has taught Crusher all his tricks and to be mean, they can handle themselves in this kind of bout.


January 16 1982

January 16 1982


No info on this show or matches. Was same taping as big crowd on New years eve day 1981.

January 23 1982

January 23 1982


The ICW banners sits on the wall on the face on audience side and there are 2 rows of fans in attendance. They are all corralled to this one television shot; the front row isn’t full as there are three empty slots at the right of the view.


Scheduled bout with info on from this show is world title match challenge between Randy Savage and Gary Royal. Match is challenge bout and in the ICW wrestlers must accept these challenges. Royal is waiting in the ring for the champ Savage; Randy’s music plays but no Savage. The Sheik comes out and gets into the ring and terrorizes the announcers. Royal picks up a chair and stays away from the Middle Eastern madman. Shortly thereafter John Ruffin (I believe in his first ICW appearance) tries to get The Sheik out of the ring and is thrashed by The Sheik. Plus I believe Royal gets a cheap shot or two in on Ruffin. Jobber Dallas Young also attempts to help Ruffin; he is subdued and is a victim of some foreign objects also.

Eventually George Weingeroff enters and is also attacked and worked on by the Detroit area hero.


Video is shown of the Sheik and Lanny Poffo comments at the desk that he would like a shot at the Sheiks US belt.

Match up of The Sheik wrestling (if you can call it that) Chuck Mazerelli from somewhere is shown. Jim Bunning is the referee so I am figuring this is in Illinois. Commentary about the Sheik is provided by Ronnie Garvin. Garvin states he would like to wrestle Farhat. Sheik wins and beats his mercilessly after the pin fall.






January 30 1982

ICW World title bout on tv with Crusher Broomfield facing Randy Savage this is approximate date of airing

February 6 1982

February 13 1982

February 20 1982

February 20 1982


Start of show with reference to a mop hat match which was a challenge initiated by Ronnie Garvin against Pez Whatley in which the loser of a bout had to wear a mop hat until they captured a bout on TV against an opponent.

After a break they come back with Ronnie Garvin at the desk and show video of the match which took place in Frankfort Kentucky February 10 1982.

The outcome was Garvin pinning Pez in the ring. Pez had attempted to win via interference from The Great Tio; however this was thwarted by Lanny Poffo. Ronnie stated he was smart enough to have someone waiting just in case of this situation; and it paid off for him.


Video is then shown of bout from Frankfort also (it isn’t noted that this is the venue though) with Rip Rogers wrestling George Weingeroff. George is wrestling for one of the first times after his broken jaw which he suffered about a month back.

April 10 1982


The show opens with Tim Tyler and Edgar Wallace at the desk and they explain that the Miser Angelo Poffo has requested and been allowed to do sit ups during this weeks show. Edgar explains he held the world record of 6033 sit ups back in the day. Also the first match only is revealed and it is Lanny Poffo facing Tony Falk. For some reason that is the only bout that is explained to the audience which will occur. Also Angelo is wearing a solid black mask where his goatee area is exposed (but he doesn’t have a goatee. Funny thing about the studio audience for the taping is that every old man on the top row sports a hat on his head. The crowd on the face on side of the TV view is fairly full, but not overflowing past this section.

The bout occurs and it is Randy Vaught as the referee for the official duties in this one. Tony puts up a good showing; he gets in some offence including a body slam but goes down in less than 4 minutes or exactly 3:10. Lei Lani Kai is announced as holding Angelo Poffo’s feet during his effort.

Lanny actually did some of his patented best moves; walking on the top rope (while maintaining a wristlock) similar to the Undertaker.


On inside ICW with Tim Tyler is Ox Baker. It seems as if from the commentary this is one of his first TV appearances with the promotion. At the start of the interview The Miser is at 592 sit ups; at the end of the speech Angelo is at 709 sit ups.

Ox issues a challenge to world champ Randy Savage. He runs his mouth in typical fashion saying guys in the promotion are now joining health spas and working out now that he is here. He states he will be world champ.

Video is shown from the early 70’s of the classic incident in the NWF I believe where OX heart punches Ernie Ladd repeatedly. This was with Johnny Powers and the fans go crazy, throwing chairs and tons of crap into the ring.


April 17 1982

On this show Ron Strunk upsets Gary Royal in a singles bout. Royal had been controlling the match but Strunk pulled a quick pinfall and a three count occurs.

This is the only video info of this weeks show.


Ox Baker's teeth get smashed by Ronnie Garvin about this same time frame.Not sure of exact date this aired but it was arround here.



April 24 1982

The show opens with Tim Tyler solo as announcer and he has Willie Monroe and Lanny Poffo at the desk.


The first bout is shown as Pez Whatley facing John Ruffin from Cincinnati Ohio. Gary Royal accompanies Pez at ringside as manager of the US Tag team champions Ruffin puts in a good match up against Pez, but interference by Royal causes Ruffin to be pinned by Whatley. Jack Phillips is the referee for this match; this is the first time in a while I recall Phillips doing officiating for the group.

Ronnie Garvin is up next with an interview with Tim Tyler. He is talking about last weeks match in which Gary Royal was upset by Ron Strunk of Sommerset Kentucky. It is revealed this is a big victory for the jobber, as he has just been wrestling for about a year according to the info given.

The second in ring match is an unusual one with a mixed tag team battle of Tony Falk and Peggy Lee against Lei Lani Kai and Gary Royal. Rules are boys against boys only, girls to face girl also. Some good action as Lani Kai attempts a body splash off of the top rope, but misses and Peggy Lee covers for the three counts. Gary Royal consoles her after the bout .The entire match Pez Whatley is at the desk yelling how Gary Royal is a “wildcat” and is extremely agitated about his loss recently to Ron Strunk.

The main event of the television show is next with Ox Baker in a handicap match tackling Lanny Poffo and Willie Monroe. Some man is working as ring girl on this bout and takes Ox’s garb back to the locker room area. Ox is listed as 311 pounds from Missouri. Ox starts against Lanny and gives his classic verbal sparring to Lanny to “fight like a man” as the action kicks off. Ox controls early, but Lanny regains after a back kick to Ox’s chest. Lanny then body slams Ox and appears to be cruising. But Lanny’s partner (who hasn’t gotten into the ring yet in the first 5 minutes) grabs Lanny from behind holding him vulnerable. Ox proceeds to heart punch Lanny and he is quickly covered for a 3 count pin.

Two referees come out after the match to aid Lanny as he exits the ring. George Weingeroff also is there and helps him.


The closing of the show has Tio and Tapu at the desk with Tio flaunting the television title belt.

June 17 1982

Start of show with Edgar Wallace and Tim Tyler who both wear black suits and have the ICW patch on their jackets .The big artist’s rendition of two guys wrestling is on the backdrop of the announcers area. They go over the matches for this show; with the main event listed as TV title bout of Lanny Poffo facing Tony Falk. They also state their will be a video tribute to John Ruffin who died just recently with clips shown of him facing the likes of Randy Savage,

They also announce about the event last week where Ronnie Garvin stomped on Ox Baker’s false teeth. Ox storms out to the TV set and verbalizes his problems of his missing teeth and how he can’t eat steak etc. The crowd is full on the face on side of the studio.


After a break the announcers go over the history of the television championship. I believe they have a few dates off especially the November 1981 change between The Miser and The Great Tio.


The first bout is the feature event with Lanny defending against Tony Falk. The ring top canvas is the bright yellow cover which provides a good view of the picture. Don’t recall Tony having a bunch of television exposure as far as bouts on the show before this. I do recall a bout he had versus Crusher Broomfield in early 1981.

Lanny controls most of the match until he is accidently propelled over the top rope onto the concrete floor. George Weingeroff is helping the two announcers and states this isn’t an automatic disqualification move as Lanny’s inertia is what caused him to be sent over the top rope.

Lanny wins in three minutes in a good scientific match.

August 20 1982

Ronnie Garvin has an interview with Tim Tyler about a match which occurred recently in Frankfort Kentucky. The date when it was August 4th 1982 and it was advertised as Pez Whatley plus a mystery partner facing Ronnie Garvin and Walter Johnson. It ended up George Weingeroff as Ronnie’s tag team associate that day; and Pez took newcomer Fazil Dean as his companion for the bout. Fazil was announced as being in Pez’s court also by Garvin; stating he got this honor by kissing Pez’s feet. Video is shown of the match with Fazil running outside the ring avoiding Garvin, and then quickly ran back to the ring as the ref got close to the 20 count. Fazil was able to get back inside and he and Pez won the bout via count out.
This infuriated Garvin and he and George caught Fazil and spanked him with a belt. They really humiliated Fazil and Garvin verbalized Fazil had been kicked out of Pez’s court. I don’t have evidence this was true or not; but was stated by Ronnie.

The third match of the show is scheduled at ICW TV studio with implications on the upcoming rookie of the year announcements. Brenda Britton is working as ring girl wearing a white blazer with the ICW patch on the jacket. Tony Falk who was extremely popular as a scientific grappler is slated to go against newcomer Ron Sexton.  The two put on a highly enjoyable ten-minute clean bout with no man claiming a big advantage.  Suddenly new performer Ratamyas stormed the ring; clubbing Sexton with an overhand forearm to the back of the neck.  He then turned his attention to Falk and promptly tossed him through the ropes into the seated audience members of the crowd. Referee Jack Phillips also is worked by Ratamyas.  This was a scary scenario in and of itself as the seats at the TV studio literally were right up against the ring apron.

They show the side of the studio and Mike Doggendorf is seated in his usual position learning the ropes about the sport. He seems to have been a fixture in this seat for about 8 months before his first bout which I believe was November of 1982.

Next the crazed villain rushed the two TV announcers who sat about 15 feet from the corner of one ring post.  Tim Tyler and Edgar Wallace looked like they had seen a ghost as the 6’4” Ratamyas bum rushed the duo sending them scurrying behind the curtain. Their microphones give out as they move quickly. Next; Promoter George Weingeroff came out yelling something at Ratamyas about him not being allowed at the TV studio.  I am not sure if this was an official declaration or if Weingeroff came up with this off the cuff.  The two were face to face when Ratamyas spewed a green liquid out of his mouth and into the eyes of the already visually impaired Weingeroff.  He then went back to the ring to work on the two match contestants but quickly left the studio area. 

Lanny Poffo, El Bracero and Debbie Combs are out helping George .It takes a while to restore order after the incident.

The fourth bout is listed as an expiration of time match with Rip Rogers facing Ric Link. Emmett Couch is the official for this TV bout. Link actually starts out really well and controls the first two minutes. Suddenly he misses a splash of the ropes; and Rip does the clothes line to cover for the 3 count. Pez comes to ringside wearing his crown and congratulates Rip. The ref tries to start a second fall in this expiration of time event; but Link indicates his neck is injured and can’t continue.



August 1982

Not sure of exact date.Great quick bout of early Al Snow jobber work..... hey we all had to start somewhere


Eye of the Tiger bout

Rupp Arena November 1983

This feud had been going on for 4 years with no culmination.

Hair vs  TV title

Lanny vs Rip Rogers

courtesy of Rip Rogers himself


part 2 and the pinfall


1983 vintage ICW tag bout

Lots of 1983 Footage available from the Poffo's mobile tv camera.They filmed a lot of arena bouts for the tv show to hype matches as they didn't rent the tv studio any more.

Here is Randy versus Big Boy Williams title bout from mid 1983; randy was the face until he hooked up with Speed Manson in September 1983 .


This would date early 1983. Johnny Wilhoit is the Mr Wrestling here , Hoot Gibson was a frequent ICW participant and Ron Sexton also worked for the Poffo's 1983 and early 84.

Could possibly be Harrodsburg Ky as gym says Pioneer Country and they are the Pioneers in Harrodsburg. I havent found a card to document this speculation of venue though i know this has to be between Dec 1982 and May 1983 for sure.

Cant recall exactly when Sam Menaker was announcing the show I beleieve March/April was his debut.

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